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10 Common Questions about Eavestrough Repair & Cleaning

10 Common Questions about Eavestrough Repair & Cleaning

April 19, 2022

In order to maintain an effective rooftop drainage system, a regular eavestrough cleaning should be part of any plan you create. Keeping invasive water from damaging the roof is what roof gutter cleaning is all about. When you engage in gutter cleaning Toronto, you might need some work required to maintain the system, and an eavestrough repair might be part of the sequence of events to provide a reliable drainage system. Homeowners know instinctively that a rain gutter system is essential for any home. They will work to maintain the system with regular inspections and cleanings – twice a year – to keep their property protected from the weather, water, clogs and debris. If you don’t keep the gutters free of debris, you can expect damage to occur. Freezing water will strain the gutters and fascia and allow them to pull away. That is when water will fall anywhere there are openings, creating hazards big and small. At Integrity Roofers, we have assembled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help a homeowner understand the necessity of gutter cleaning and repairs.

6 Common Questions about Eavestrough Maintenance

What Happens If Gutters Are Not Cleaned?

Pooling water is the direct result of a lack of drainage, and it will compromise many of the systems your home uses to move water and keep water out. The gutters will see the damage, as will the fascia and soffit. Water running over the channels can impact the foundation, too, and that is where water can enter the basement and the roof. As water creeps into your home, you will see stains on walls and ceilings, telling you that there are problems on the roof. You can have your rain gutters cleaned and still have damage; if that is the case, check the downspouts if they weren’t part of the cleaning process.

How Can I Repair Clogged Gutters?

The best way to unclog your gutters is to hire a professional with experience in dealing with the problem. They are trained in safe methods to remove debris, and the expertise they bring to the table can’t be measured in dollars and cents. As the homeowner, it is your job to schedule a cleaning twice per year to keep the gutters and downspouts free of any materials that impede water drainage. If you face the problem of chronically clogged drains, ask your roofing contractor about gutter guards to prevent material buildup in the channels to protect the drainage system.

Can I Use a Pressure Washer to Clean My Gutters?

Certainly, under specific conditions, you can use a pressure washer to clean out your gutters. It involves using a wand at the end of your pressure washer to get into the channel to use the water pressure to flush out the debris from the gutter. Remember, before you take the pressure washer to your gutters that you need to set the pressure at the low end of the spectrum. Otherwise, you will be using too much pressure, which causes all kinds of problems when cleaning the gutter. The intensity of the water pressure can open holes and create cracks in the gutters that mitigates everything the cleaning is about – moving water from the roof to the ground.

Is It Safe to Power Wash Gutters?

No, it isn’t safe or recommended to use a power washer to cleanse your gutters. Most people don’t know the difference between a pressure washer and a power washer, but there are significant differences. Pressure washers use pressure, as do power washers. But the difference comes from the heat that is part of the power washer regimen. Power washers use heat in the jet wash they emit, and too much power is applied to the gutters and seals. Using a power washer will also create an unsightly mess that you want to avoid when you clean your gutters.

How to Clean Gutters without a Ladder?

There is a method for cleaning your gutters without a ladder and involves using a specialized tool for the work. You need a pole that will reach the second level of your home using a gutter cleaning tool that will help remove any debris in the gutters. Another method for removing debris is through the use of a cleaning vacuum. It attaches to your leaf blower or outdoor vacuum and removes all the small pieces of debris that might escape cleaning with other methods. Flushers have become a popular choice to clear out the channels of gutters. It can be attached to your hose, it is flexible, and you will be able to extend it for hard-to-reach places when necessary. Gutter guards can limit the work required to clean the gutters, but they aren’t the be-all, end-all for keeping gutters clear. You will still need to clear the guard of the buildup regularly to keep the channels open for water drainage.

How Do You Unclog a Gutter from the Ground?

This can be a tricky proposition if you have a clog in the system. When cleaning the gutters, you should notice that water is coming out of the gutters to the downspouts quickly. If it seems like the water is draining at a trickle, you might have a clogged downspout. Take your garden hose, invert it, and spray water from the ground upward in the downspout to remove the sediment. The pressure from the garden hose should alleviate any clogs in the downspouts, and they should work effectively after that. If the problem is along the roofline, you might need to use a tool to get to the hard-to-reach places to remove the blocked areas to get water flowing as it should.

At Integrity Roofers, We Offer Quick & Efficient Eavestrough Cleaning Services

Eavestrough Cleaning Services Keeping your eavestrough free of debris is another one of the many services we offer homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area at Integrity Roofers. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, which is how we can help. A small cleaning can reveal potential damage that can be corrected quickly, effectively and economically when using our services. Our system is to remove all debris from your gutters and downspouts. Before we conclude our work, we inspect it to make sure we have completely removed all sedimentary from your downspouts and gutters. Please visit our estimate page and fill out the form to get your eavestrough cleaned. If you want to ask questions about your gutter cleaning, don’t hesitate to contact our office at Integrity Roofers to speak to one of our qualified roofing consultants for more information at 416.736.7373.

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