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Repairing Damaged Eavestrough Systems for Toronto Homes

Repairing Damaged Eavestrough Systems for Toronto Homes

June 10, 2018

Maintain Eavestrough Systems in Good Repair to Safeguard Your Toronto Home

An important aspect of roof maintenance or a roof replacement that is often neglected is ensuring that the eavestroughs (or gutters) and downspouts are functioning properly.  If this system is overlooked, the money invested by the homeowner to restore or upgrade the protection offered by their roof can basically be for naught if their entire roof system, including the eavestroughing, is not taken into consideration.

A correctly installed and functioning eavestrough system carries water/melted snow from the roof to the downspouts, which in turn drain that water away from the base and sides of the home.  Hence, it is very important to be vigilant of any eavestrough repair needs, especially in light of the rain, snow, and ice storms seen in Toronto during a given year.

The common indicators that eavestrough repair services are needed include the following:

  • Evidence of rust or mold/mildew
  • Leaks from the seams or in corners
  • Pinhole leaks in the base of the gutters
  • Separation of the gutters from the fascia
  • Signs of rot or mold growth on the soffit/fascia
  • Water escaping from gutter-downspout junctions
  • Water spilling over the edge/lip of the eavestroughs
  • Water or rust stains on the exterior masonry or siding
  • Beads moisture on the outer face of gutters/downspouts
  • Mosquitos breeding in water that collects/stagnates in gutters

A lack of appropriate attention to eavestrough maintenance and repair, including regular cleaning of the system, will hinder the drainage of rainwater or melted snow/ice from the roof; consequently, Toronto homeowners could be faced with structural damage to both the interior and the exterior of the home, including:

  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Flooding of the basement or garage
  • Stained or damaged siding and masonry
  • Water stains on interior walls and/or ceilings
  • Softening, warping, or rotting of soffit and fascia
  • Shifting or heaving of adjacent steps, walkways, patios
  • Damage to adjacent lawns, flower beds, other landscaping
  • The need to completely replace their gutters, soffit, and fascia

To protect their home and property and avoid any such destructive and potentially costly situations, it would therefore be advisable for homeowners to maintain their eavestrough system in a good state of repair; while some activities, such as eavestrough cleaning can be done by a homeowner, other measures, e.g.: repairing damaged or leaky gutters, are best left to knowledgeable roofing contractors like Integrity Roofers in Toronto.

The crews from Integrity Roofers offer more than 20 years of experience in eavestrough repair for Toronto homes and can capably rectify various issues promptly and efficiently; in cases of extreme urgency or structural damage, the Integrity Roofers team can also provide emergency eavestrough repair services for the residents of Toronto and the GTA.

Gutter Filters Avoid Eavestrough Cleaning and Repairs for Toronto Homeowners

Repairing Damaged Eavestrough Systems for Toronto Homes It should be apparent that repairing damaged gutters is a less expensive option versus having to replace an entire eavestrough system; furthermore, maintaining this system in good repair can help Toronto homeowners avoid unnecessary and expensive repair work.

But there is yet another step that homeowners can take to keep the eavestrough system functioning at an optimal level and save them from the frustrations and costs associated with structural damage to their home and property – installing a gutter filter system.

A gutter filter system is a one-time investment that saves the repeated time and effort that must otherwise be dedicated to eavestrough cleaning by Toronto homeowners; this system offers a number of benefits, including:

  • The capacity to operate with little to no maintenance
  • Blocking the accumulation of leaves, dirt, other debris
  • Preventing birds and insects from nesting in the gutters
  • Protecting against stagnant water and mosquito breeding
  • No adverse effect on curb appeal – not visible to onlookers

In order to operate at peak levels, gutter filter systems require professional installation; once again, a Toronto roofing contractor with the necessary skills and experience in such installation is Integrity Roofers.

To learn more about gutter filter systems and their installation by the crews at Integrity Roofers, please go to

For all your eavestrough maintenance and repair needs, including installation of gutter filters to save the time and hassle of regular eavestrough cleaning, call the experts from Integrity Roofers in Toronto today at 416-736-7373 or contact us to obtain your professional estimate.

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