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Why Commercial Roof Care is Important in Toronto

Why Commercial Roof Care is Important in Toronto

January 5, 2023

Operating a commercial building comes with many responsibilities, summer and winter. With the weather changing for the worse, ice dam removal service near me and snow removal services take on added importance. A roof maintenance program for roof care Toronto is one way to protect your building from the ravages of winter. As part of the package of snow removal services Toronto, will engage in roof snow cleaning, and roof snow removal will keep your facility free from snow buildup protecting the structural integrity of the roof. When a new roof is installed, you should get off on the right foot with a maintenance plan to extend the roof’s life and keep maintenance costs in check. For the work, you need a trusted commercial flat roof company to come in and provide a roof inspection to commence your maintenance plan.

Reasons Roof Care is Important

Prevent Serious Damage

Your roof is a line of defence for your building and sustains its fair share of wear and tear. It was designed to withstand regular weather events, but hailstorms are once-in-a-season events that can rip through a membrane roof and leave a trail of leaks in its wake. Other problems like heavy snow, UV rays and wind can add to the damage that will require a roof repair. With an inspection of your roof – minor issues are corrected promptly – and your roof is preserved for another year.

Saves You Money

Roofing work to correct problems costs money – FULL STOP. Big problems cost big money, and identifying issues early mitigates the cash outlay for repairs when needed. Your inspection and maintenance plan will find the problems as they crop up, and the repairs will be minor compared to a non-inspected roofing system.

Prevents Early Roof Replacement

If your roof takes a beating without maintenance, it will see the roof deteriorate faster, and that means a new roof replacement before the roof life cycle has come to an end. Almost 80 percent of roofs are replaced prematurely because building owners don’t do their roof maintenance homework, and they pay the price in cold hard cash.

Extends the Life of Your Commercial Roofing

A commercial roof installation is a significant investment when it happens. Adding an inspection plan to the cost is a small price to pay for years of top-flight roof performance. If you are proactive, an inspection and roof maintenance plan will be part of the equation when evaluating your roofing system.

Boosted Curb Appeal

Your roofing system takes up a great deal of space on your building. If it looks like Hell, it will stigmatize the building owner as someone who doesn’t maintain their commercial structure. When properly cared for, a roof can add a level of appeal when maintained. A roof that is well maintained can add value to a facility and leave people with a positive view of your business.

Added Safety

When maintaining your roof, you are protecting your tenants and your business. Leaks cost money in rent (from tenants) and downtime for a business. This is even before we discuss the losses incurred when inventory is damaged and can’t be sold. A roof maintenance plan with regular inspections protects your assets and people from avoidable eventualities.

Importance of Checks After Extreme Weather

Major storms cause major trouble for roofing systems. High winds can dislodge flashing and cladding, and hailstorms can pierce membranes and snow and ice cause leaks. After every weather event, your commercial flat roof contractor should inspect your roof for damage to prevent small problems from becoming big. Another critical point, make sure the drainage system is working at 100 percent to keep water from pooling and causing more problems.

Do You Have a Roof Care Maintenance Plan?

Here are some of the questions you should ask:

  • How often has the roof been inspected?
  • What was the date of the last inspection?
  • What was the roof installation date?
  • What type of roof is it, and what materials were used?
  • Roof access system type and dates of certification
  • Is there a roof repair log?
  • What were the details of the roof inspection?
  • Was a damage checklist created?
  • Was a plan put in place for when damage was discovered?

A Program for all Seasons

Depending on the season, your maintenance plan should include the following:

  • A roof inspection to ensure the roof meets municipal standards.
  • Attic inspection to ensure no rot, leak, animals, or pests haven’t taken up residence.
  • Fastening eavestroughs around the perimeter.
  • Caulking corners and seams.
  • Eavestrough gutter cleaning.
  • Ventilation inspection for the roof and attic.
  • Insulation inspection.
  • Leak inspections for water stains and moisture.
  • Repairs

How Often You Should Perform Routine Maintenance

It depends on the weather and climate in your area, and small details are essential.

  • The weather in your area.
  • Roof age
  • Any recent storms.
  • Work done to the roof.

Preventative Maintenance Plans

For a plan to be effective, it must be carried out twice a year. Once after the winter – identifying damage from the winter – and once in the fall to see where the problems will come from. Water is a roof’s biggest enemy, and if you are vigilant, you can cut your leak problem by 70 percent and potentially double the life cycle of your roof.

At Integrity Roofers, We Are Your Roof Care Experts.

Why Commercial Roof Care is Important in Toronto Whether you are a residential homeowner or a commercial property operator, Integrity Roofers has an inspection and maintenance plan for you. For homeowners, here is a sample of what you can expect:

On the commercial side, our inspections seek to identify problems early, keep your roof in top-notch condition to maintain your warranty, and provide an excellent bang for your buck. Your roofing maintenance plan will cost pennies compared to a structural roof repair, and who doesn’t want to save money? Contact us at Integrity Roofers today for a detailed evaluation of your roofing system with an inspection and a maintenance plan geared for your roofing system.

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