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What to Do When You Need Emergency Roof Repair in Oakville

What to Do When You Need Emergency Roof Repair in Oakville

October 10, 2022

Roofing companies in Oakville often service commercial roof leak repairs. If your ceiling is a dripping mess, it isn’t the type of repair that can be put off until the next day. You need the services of roofing contractors for a roof repair in Oakville for roofing service in Oakville. An emergency roof repair in Oakville should take precedence over all other priorities. If the situation is neglected, your commercial roofing system will sustain much more damage. Time and stress come with an emergency, and it can be challenging to get a roofing company to your facility to make the necessary repairs. We at Integrity Roofers want to help you triage your situation to determine if your roof repair is truly an emergency and what you can do about it. Also, we will help explain what your roofer can do about the present calamity and how they can extend solutions before the repair can be made to stop future damage.

What Qualifies as a Roof Repair Emergency

An emergency roof repair can be defined in many ways. We will stick to some common problems plaguing homeowners and commercial building operators. If you see that your attic or the top of your building is exposed to exterior elements – like rain/hail/snow – you know instinctively that there is a problem. Water damage causes structural issues or holds the potential to cause structural problems, which is never a good thing. High volumes of water cascading into a building are a threat, as is the area where the onrushing water is coming from. If you have water leaking and running onto your fuse panel, you have an emergency; if, for instance, water is leaking into your living room, you don’t. If you aren’t sure whether you have an emergency, it is better to get a roofing contractor assess the situation.

Signs of Emergency Roof Leaks

Pests & Animals

When invasive pests invade your roofing system, it may not constitute an emergency. If they have created large openings in the roof’s surface, it does constitute an emergency. Any exposed hole on the roof that enables water to penetrate your roofing system is a threat to your building and must be dealt with immediately.

Roof Neglect

A lack of regular maintenance and biannual yearly inspections can see problems to fester over time. Leaks will develop in the area of flashing and valleys.

Fire Damage

Modern shingles are flame retardant in most cases. If a fire occurs, they won’t ignite, but exposure to fire could be crippling to a roofing system. Trusses, underlayment, and decking could require an emergency repair, and shingles may need to be replaced due to heat exposure.

Tree Damage

Fallen trees can be a risk to the structural integrity of your roofing system, and the damage shouldn’t be taken lightly.

High Winds

Gale force winds have a history of ‘raising’ the roof. That means shingles can be blown off the roof, leaving the underbelly of the roof exposed to the weather.

Lightning Strikes

If your roof is hit by lightning, it can cause big problems. Apart from the hole it will leave, the opening makes your home vulnerable to the worst of what is left of the weather event.

Other Weather Events

Hurricanes and tornadoes can cause devastating damage to a roofing system that will require emergency service by a roofing contractor.

Structural Collapse

Sags in a roofing system come from sources like condensation, too much snow – overweight conditions – water damage and structural problems are imminent signs of potential collapse.

Ice Dams

Ice dams and leaks can lead to roofing emergencies over time.


Poor attic ventilation can lead to mould growth. Condensation is the petri dish for bacterial growth. This creates a serious health hazard. A roofing contractor will be needed to add more ventilation to alleviate the problem.

Clogged Gutters

Water backs up when your gutters are clogged and find its way under the shingles, causing leaks. Surely, you need emergency service to prevent further water damage.

Signs of Non-Emergency Roof Leaks

  • Small leaks or gaps in flashing.
  • Hail devastation.
  • Missing or broken shingles (one or two).
  • Attic condensation (minimal).
  • Plugged roof vents.
  • Miniscule skylight leaks.
  • Algae or moss growth (small amounts).

What to Do Before Calling Any Emergency Roofers in Oakville

Assess Danger

Does your home need to be evacuated? A gaping hole in the roof with water cascading in can cause a collapse of the roofing system. At that point, safety necessitates that you, your family and your pets need to find another place to go. If a power line has come down due to a storm, it may be a fire hazard – call the fire department or your local utility commission should you see a dangling wire.

Avoid Attempting Repairs

Do not, under any circumstances, engage in a DIY solution. You are not a roofer, don’t pretend to be during a crisis. If you ascend a damaged roof, you may fall off it or through it if the damage is severe. Resist the urge to tarp the roof or render a quick fix. If you engage in work rather than assigning it to a professional, you could void your homeowner’s insurance, which could prove costly for out-of-pocket expenses.

Limit Damage Inside

Small things can be done while you wait for a roofer, such as setting out buckets to catch water leaking in and running a dehumidifier to help stimulate the drying process.

Speak with Your Insurance Company

At the first sign of trouble, contact your insurance company. Also, ask the roofing contractor to make a comprehensive list of damages incurred and forward it to your insurance agent.


Your living arrangements may change when your roof is severely damaged. And you may need to prepare for a complete roof replacement that can take time and herculean efforts before you can return to your home.

Call Emergency Roofers in Oakville

Many roofing contractors offer emergency service day and night. You want to avoid inexperienced contractors who aren’t qualified to perform the work after a storm. You want a licensed and insured contractor to complete the work in case you need recourse.

Protect Your Commercial Assets While Your Wait

Your commercial space is filled with expensive equipment. While you wait for your contractor to arrive for the repair, you can tarp the office equipment to protect it from the elements. If things have gone from bad to worse, you might consider moving your equipment to a storage unit while extensive repairs are conducted.

How the Professional Roofers in Oakville Respond to Emergency Repair

Assess Damage

Your contractor will triage your roof damage. Depending on the problems, a minor fix may be in order. But the contractor will need to find the sources of leaks and see if the roof can be saved. If not, you could need a complete reroof to cover the problems sustained.

Add a Temporary Roof Patch

Adding a tarp or temporary patch will buy time for the contractor to affect a more permanent solution.

Provide a Quote

The quote will come after your roofing contractor has inspected the damage that requires repair. The contractor should supply the quote in writing and take pictures to document the problems if an insurance claim needs to be made.

Schedule Repairs

If a storm has blown through your region, know that roofing companies will be busy. The roofer may apply a tarp to your roof and service the worst damaged homes before yours. If your roof’s conditions worsen, keep your contractor abreast of the changes in case they need to move on to the deterioration quickly.

Store an Emergency Roof Repair Kit

If you are lucky, you can use liquid rubber to seal an opening, you might have the tools to make a minor emergency repair from your kit. It would be best if you had the skill and know-how to complete the task, but it saves on an emergency callout to a roofing company in the long run. You can buy an emergency repair kit at any home improvement store; it is undoubtedly a handy item to have around the house.

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What to Do When You Need Emergency Roof Repair in Oakville
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