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What are the Common Reasons for Roofing Problems?

What are the Common Reasons for Roofing Problems?

November 17, 2019

When a commercial building operator shops for a commercial flat roof, they look for many things in the roofing system they choose. Commercial roofing in Toronto delivers durability, longevity, through the proper application of the roofing system. The needs of the building are the critical components of the purchase. Commercial roofing contractors will assess the needs of the specific roofing system required and deliver the application that satisfies the needs of the building. Commercial building owners in Toronto have an advantage when reaching out to commercial flat roofing companies in Toronto to gain a broad cross-section of opinions for their needs.

Commercial roofing systems are created to last and stand up to the elements. But there are threats to roofing systems that a commercial building owner must be aware of and act on when they are discovered.

So, what constitutes common roofing problems, and what are the root causes of the problems?

Common Causes of Commercial Roofing Problems

Extreme weather conditions

Roofing systems are subject to many different weather events that can be detrimental to the operation of a commercial roofing system. Hailstorms, high winds, heavy snow loads, or punctures created by flying objects are the main threat when the weather becomes a problem. But, the constant threat a roof faces is UV rays from the sun. UV rays, shining on a roofing system, will do more damage than weather events, and it costs building owners a significant sum to repair.

Lack of maintenance and inspections

A commercial flat roof has a shelf life of 30-years. When maintenance is ignored, age-related deterioration is the net result. You can take years of life from your roof because maintenance is lacking. Preventing roofing problems requires regular inspections, and they are essential. They will help extend your roof’s life span while keeping small issues from growing into large repair bills.

Poor installation

Poor installation of any commercial system won’t show up right away, but it will. Leaks are one of the most common problems with a faulty installation. The odds of leaks occurring are exponentially higher when the craftmanship is weak, and that interferes with your ability to use the structure. It isn’t just the roof that will suffer; the building’s structural integrity is at risk. Leaks that have a great deal of time to damage trusses and other supports, creating weaknesses in the roof as a whole. The integrity of the building to hold up the roof will be impacted, resulting in time-consuming costs.

Too much foot traffic

Excessive foot traffic on a roof will create a scenario for damage to occur. HVAC units need service; flashing, vent, and skylight installations are causes of problems when care isn’t taken. Rips and tears are the results, and that is when your roofing system is under siege from water. Once water permeates a roofing system, sagging of the roof is the result of water impacting the support beams.

Call the Experts for Commercial Roofing In Toronto

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure in the roofing business. To navigate the learning curve is what will help you with at Integrity Roofers. We are your Greater Toronto Area roofing experts. After two decades of service in our trade, we have accumulated the experience and expertise to deal with any roofing problem. We will make your roofing problems our solutions when you need us. For a comprehensive inspection of the roofing system and any repairs your roof needs, call our office today at Integrity Roofers at 647.953.9365.

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