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Top Benefits of Gutter Cleaning

Top Benefits of Gutter Cleaning

February 17, 2020

As a homeowner, you have many maintenance responsibilities. You are fixing broken windows, reinforcing a retaining wall for the landscaping you love, and gutter cleaning.


Yes, that’s right, keeping your eavestroughs free of impediments. Your eavestroughs serve important purposes that will get into in-depth a little later. Gutter cleaning can be the first stage of damage detection that requires an eavestrough repair. The repair you need might be a small crack or a pinhole that needs a patch. On the other hand, the damage – like an eavestrough pushed away from the fascia due to ice damming – demands a full-blown replacement that requires an eavestrough installation.

Eaves cleaning in Toronto should be considered preventative maintenance for your roofing system. When one part of the system fails, it stresses other parts of the system, creating their eventual downfall.

Major Benefits of Gutter Cleaning

  • An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so goes the adage. Clearing out your gutters stops the water damage problem dead in its tracks.
  • Birds, other animals or vermin, are always looking for a place to call home. They will nest in your eavestrough and prevent drainage flow from reaching the ground.
  • Fully operational rain gutters keep water from pooling around your foundation. Functional gutters reduce the risk of basement flooding because they are carrying water to it the prescribed destination – to the downspouts, and released away from your home.
  • Water always finds an entrance point into your home when it is allowed to pool. On your roof, this could be a catastrophe of epic proportions. The longer the water pools, the greater the opportunity it has to breach your roof. Why does water pool, one might ask? It is because the gutters aren’t serving their purpose, to move water.
  • When you purchase a new roof, you want the life of the roof to meet the product expectations. Water on the roof will reduce the life expectancy of your shingles when sustain standing water.
  • Ice dams form in the winter months. It comes from poor drainage from your roofing system because your gutters are clogged. Splitting gutters away from the fascia is one problem. Slick ice sheets around the home are another that a homeowner experiences.
  • A functioning gutter system improves a homeowner’s equity position should a sale be in the offing. It is one less thing the purchaser will need to do. Properly maintained gutters keep your home from becoming the eyesore of the neighbourhood. You don’t see twigs, sticks or debris sticking out above the gutter line.
  • A clean gutter system will last longer than one that isn’t properly maintained. A gutter under pressure, from the extra weight from ice dams, adds to the problems that a clogged gutter causes, and it reduces the lifespan.

Your gutters are the shield that surrounds your home. They prevent water damage from occurring at the foundation, walls, doors, and ceilings. The risk of basement flooding and soil erosion is a thing of the past with clear eavestroughs. Water stains on the patio are reduced, and the fascia derives protection from working gutters. To appreciate the benefits your gutter system provides, they must clear of debris, sticks/twigs, and dirt.

Regular gutter cleaning is best left to professionals like us at Integrity Roofers. We have a maintenance plan that will help extend the life of the roof through efficient and timely gutter cleaning. To develop your roof maintenance plan that includes eavestrough cleaning, call our office today at Integrity Roofers at (416) 736-7373.



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