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5 Ways To Keep Your Gutters Clean And Clear

5 Ways To Keep Your Gutters Clean And Clear

October 22, 2013

Gutters need to be clear to let water flow off your roof and away from your home. Blocked gutters will overflow and spill filthy water down your home’s walls potentially causing leaks. Gutters may loosen due to the weight of debris when wet and trapped water will cause problems when it freezes and expands over winter. Here we will be looking at the five main options available to you to keep your gutters clean and clear.

Option #1. Pay A Roofing Firm For An Annual Clean

Almost all roofing companies offer a roof cleaning service using pressure washers and degreasing agents to blast away dirt and grime from your roof. Roofing contractors also clear your gutters, check your roof for signs of damage and most firms clean your walls as well. While this is a safe and effective option, the downside of is the cost. You can end up paying hundreds of dollars per year.

Option #2. DIY Gutter Cleaning

Most people use a ladder to climb up and clean out their gutters. This is a difficult, physically demanding and dangerous job. You can use a brush but some people use a pressure washer to clean. If you have a vacuum cleaner and like the idea of staying safely on the ground, you can buy giant PVC pipes such as Gutter Cluster Busters. Shaped like a giant candy cane, these cleaning attachments lets you clean out dry debris but aren’t any good for wet, sodden debris or grime. A final option that let’s you clean your gutters by yourself is to replace your existing gutters with Flip Gutters that pivot upside down when you want to clean them.

Option #3. DIY Gutter Guards

Some people reason that the easiest way to keep gutters clean is to stop debris getting in there. The cheapest method is to install foam that simply sits in your gutter such as Gutter Stuff. Foam lets water filter through and keeps most debris on top but may cause your gutters to overflow in heavy rain. Other options include metal or mesh guards installed under your shingles. Bear in mind that any guards installed in this way will invalidate your roof’s warranty.

Option #4. Professionally Installed Mesh Guards

Mesh guards are attached directly to your gutter and won’t invalidate your roof’s warranty like DIY options will. Mesh made from  PEVA is high density and UV stabilized so it will remain flexible and won’t become brittle. Most guards have 10 year installation and manufacturer warranty and are up to 85 per cent effective at blocking debris. Debris still may collect on top so mesh guards need to be brushed or hosed clear at least once a year. Mesh only 60 percent effective against fine debris such as pine needles.

Option #5: Professionally Installed Enclosure Gutter Guards

If your gutters already have a mesh guards and you are still getting blockages, you’ll need an aluminum, fully enclosed gutter guard. These have small rectangular openings for water to run into on the underside and use the principle of water adhesion to draw the water over the top and into the openings on the underside. As water enters in this way, these guards don’t need to be cleaned as mesh ones do and are up to 95 per cent effective on all debris in all areas.

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