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Roof Maintenance: Winterizing Your Roof to Protect from Snow & Ice

Roof Maintenance: Winterizing Your Roof to Protect from Snow & Ice

December 5, 2018

Winter roof maintenance is the best way to be prepared for the declining temperature and freezing conditions. When performing maintenance for the winter, be sure to utilize the proper attic insulation and roof ventilation systems.

Why Should You Insulate & Ventilate Your Roof?

Both of these aspects are essential to prepare your roofing system for the cold, winter weather. Listed below are the primary benefits you receive from insulating and ventilating your roof:

  • Protect the area of your home that has the most exposure to the cold weather.
  • Proper insulation can decrease excessive heat loss or gain, reducing your heating and cooling energy bills.
  • Prevent ice dams on your roof.
  • Moist air in your attic could create a mould or mildew problem. You could prevent this by adding insulation and venting properly.
  • Avoid expensive roof repairs in the future.
  • Extend the life of your roof.

Tips for Insulating the Attic

Here are a few useful tips to keep in mind when adding or redoing the insulation:

  • Remove the Old Insulation
    Rodents, pests, mould, and age can damage insulation. This is why you should get in touch with professional roofers to help replace the damaged insulation in your attic.
  • Check the Seal
    Air leaks can have a negative impact on insulation. To make your home more energy-efficient and protect it from cold weather, you must take the required steps to seal it.
  • Energy Assessment
    To detect the places that need proper insulation, consider having an energy audit conducted in your home.

How Can You Check If You Have Proper Attic Ventilation?

Attics are one of the biggest sources of energy loss in your house. Adequately insulating your attic will ensure that the heat is trapped inside. The most popular types of attic insulation are spray foam and cellulose.

There are several roof ventilation options available, and you must choose the best ventilation methods to ensure that there are no problems during the winter. Hire a professional roofer to make sure that the ventilation installed in your home meets the codes of your region.

Choose Integrity Roofers for Expert Attic & Roof Ventilation Services

Roof Maintenance: Winterizing Your Roof to Protect from Snow & Ice Ventilation and insulation are crucial aspects of your home that are critical for the long-term performance of your roof. Although there are many how-to videos all over the internet that say they can help you install attic ventilation and insulation, they don’t tell you what you should do if you encounter problems.

Because of this, it is recommended that you hire a roofing company such as Integrity Roofers. We have an in-house team of roofing specialists who have the required knowledge and expertise for roof maintenance tasks. We will help you winterize your roof to withstand the severe climate in Toronto with our high-quality and reliable craftsmanship. Our experts will help you evaluate the insulation and ventilation at your home and recommend an ideal, long-lasting, cost-effective solution.

For more information about our attic insulation and ventilation services, do not hesitate to reach out to our experts by calling 416-736-7373. You could also contact us online to request a professional estimate.

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