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Roof Inspection Cost Guide for Commercial Building Owners

Roof Inspection Cost Guide for Commercial Building Owners

November 10, 2022

Roof repairs come with a high price; a roof inspection cost is a fraction of the repair. A roof inspection can find all the hidden problems that drive repair costs. To get the most out of your roofing service, you should have a detailed roof inspection cost guide for your roof inspection service. Local roofing contractors can deliver an economical roof inspection cost Toronto for any commercial building operator. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when looking at thousands of dollars in repairs and downtime for any commercial entity. Neglect and hesitation often deter building owners from investing in a valuable inspection for their buildings – expenses need to be justified – and there is always a reason not to spend money until you have to. The money a commercial building operator spends today on a roof inspection is saving money tomorrow on repairs that will dwarf the cost of regularly scheduled roof inspections.

How Much Does a Commercial Roof Inspection Cost?

The cost of an inspection depends on how much work goes into the inspection. If your roof hasn’t been inspected, your reputable contractor will go over it with a fine-tooth comb. That is necessary to see what damage has been festering for ages and impacting the building. If you have a long-term association with your roofing contractor, your costs might be minimal based on the structure of the maintenance agreement you have with the contractor. Some contractors will offer a free inspection – then, lo and behold – they find thousands of dollars in repair work that will be vital to protecting your business.

Types of Roof Inspections & Their Costs

Physical Roof Inspection

An old-school physical roof inspection involves a contractor scaling your roof to make a visual inspection by the naked eye. Depending on the size (sq footage, pitch, stories), your cost can be as little as $75 or as high as $200.

Drone Roof Inspection

If your building has a hard-to-access roof with a steep pitch or difficulty accessing it, a drone inspection is a way to do so. Drones are the wave of the future for roof inspections and can come in around $400 per inspection.

Infrared Roof Inspection

Technology has produced the newest in roof inspections, the infrared survey. It will tell you where you are seeing heat loss and how much. (Though your rising utility costs will offer a hint) Thermal imaging is a great asset, and when a camera is mounted on a drone, your contractor can take a deeper dive into potential roofing problems. The cost of the service varies, but costs come in around $400-$600 depending on what is involved.

Factors that Affect the Roof Inspection Cost

Age of Roof

Older roofs are more susceptible to degradation, hence costs increase due to age. The time factor to inspect an older roof – looking for signs of problems – can take much longer, increasing the cost of the inspection.

Type of Property

Detached or terraced homes that are double-storied or triple-storied have different price structures based on the necessary work involved.

Size of Roof

A larger roof – in sq footage – will take longer to inspect and cost more for the overall work.

Ease of Access

A tough-to-access roof will mean the inspection time runs longer and the costs increase apace.

Condition of Roof

A roof in a poor state of repair will cost more to survey, and you will be looking at higher repair costs due to the roof’s condition.

Drone or Manual Inspection

A drone inspection can be more inexpensive than a manual inspection done by a roofing technician.

Is Scaffolding Needed?

If your roof is unsafe, a scaffold may be needed so the contractor can get a bird’s eye view of your roof. More equipment added to the inspection will drive the costs higher, and repair costs will be higher for a damaged/rickety roof.

Can You Inspect a Roof Yourself?

If you aren’t a roofing contractor, don’t pretend to be by climbing a ladder to get on the roof. An unsafe roof is dangerous, and your safety can be compromised without knowledge and expertise. Your insurance company and the bank will not accept an inspection done by someone who doesn’t have expertise in roofing – another good reason to hire a reputable roofing contractor. Performing periodic visual checks from the ground should be part of every building owner’s to-do list. Things to look for: flapping shingles, branches or debris, and eavestroughs that have been damaged are signs of problems. It is essential to visually inspect your roof after a storm to see what Mother Nature has done to your roof.

Roof Inspection vs. Certification

A roof inspection and a roof certification are two entirely different things. An inspection will come with a detailed description – in writing – that surmises everything wrong with your roof. A certification, on the other hand, will advise just how much life is left for your roof before it becomes obsolete. If you add a certification cost to your inspection, expect the price to increase by $75-$200.

Roof Certification vs. Warranty

A roof certification bears similar characteristics to a roof warranty. Here is how it works, your roof will be ‘certified’ after a roof repair. You will get a warranty for the workmanship – the duration depends on the contractor. A roof warranty is a different animal altogether. The warranty comes after a completely new roof installation. You get a product and workmanship warranty for all facets of the job. Product warranties vary on the timeline – some as low as five years, others as high as 20 years. Workmanship warranties can run for one year or up to 10 years, depending on the contractor.

Get a Free Estimate for Your Commercial Roof Inspection

Can Your Replace Roof Shingles in the Winter? Working with us at Integrity Roofers comes with numerous advantages. In the consultancy phase of your roofing consultation, we will find the problems and the root causes for current or recurring issues. It all starts with an assessment of your existing roof, where we take stock of your situation before we discuss prices. The reason for the assessment is due to the nature of roofing problems. When you think you have the problem nailed down, you find out the cause is coming from another area.

Our inspection relies on photographic evidence that helps define the slope and dimensions of the roof. An analysis of the roof as a whole, like was the roof installed at the time of installation, has it been repaired/serviced and when, and what prior issues might be affecting the roof today —assessment and evaluation of your current situation. We will look at what is the best long-term solution and what is economically feasible and sustainable over the long haul.

To get a free estimate, review the form on the linked page. Should you need to discuss your current situation with a roofing expert, please contact us for assistance.

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