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Preparing for Fall with Pre-Winter Roof Inspections

Preparing for Fall with Pre-Winter Roof Inspections

September 10, 2018

Just like your car, your roof also needs regular inspection and maintenance to deal with and prevent any problems. This can include worn or damaged shingles, water damage, and more. It is important to examine your roof thoroughly before winter arrives.

Why Is Roof Inspection and Maintenance Before Winter Crucial?

If you fail to look at your roof’s condition before winter, you may end up with a variety of problems. It can be quite difficult and expensive to deal with them in the cold weather as opposed to tackling the issue before the snow falls. Moreover, repairs take longer in winter, which is why it is better to be prepared to face the freezing temperatures with a strong and sturdy roof.

Why Should I Hire Professionals to Perform My Roof Inspection?

You must hire a reliable professional roofing contractor for examining your roof, as they provide the following:

  • They have the required knowledge and experience.
  • A qualified roofer will come with the necessary tools and equipment.
  • They are efficient and trained to follow safety measures.
  • They can detect any potential problems.
  • An expert will ensure that your roof is prepared to face the cold weather.

What Does the Pre-Winter Roof Inspection Entail?

A professional will look out for any problems which may include the following:

  • Missing or Damaged Shingles
    Over time, roof shingles often get curled or lifted above the surface or even break at times. If left untreated, you may risk water getting inside and causing more damage. This is why shingle repair and replacement is essential.
  • Exposed or Popped Nails
    This can be a problem with older roofs. A professional will treat it by removing any exposed nails, sealing the hole and driving in a new one.
  • Improperly Sealed, Missing, or Damaged Flashings
    These may cause your roof to leak, which is why incorrect flashing should be rectified immediately by replacing it. The same is the case when the flashing is damaged or missing.
  • Issues with Gutters and Downspouts
    Clogged or sagging gutters and downspouts can be a major problem because they do not allow water to flow freely and may eventually cause water damage. Besides rectifying the gutter issues, a qualified roofer will also ensure that the downspout doesn’t drain too close to the foundation of your house.
  • Poorly Seamed Roofing Membranes
    Seams are a primary cause of any problems with your roof. If the membrane is not adequately sealed or if the adhesive wears off, it is a sign of poor craftsmanship. Have it remedied quickly with the help of a reputed contractor.

Contact the Experts for Pre-Winter Roof Inspections and Maintenance

Preparing for Fall with Pre-Winter Roof Inspections At Integrity Roofers, we have an in-house team of competent and dedicated professionals. We believe in quality and delivering the best results, and provide various services including shingle replacement, ice damming, and shingle repairs. We will make sure that your roof is in excellent condition to withstand the cold winter season. For more information about the services we offer, get in touch with us by calling 416-736-7373. You could also describe your problem online. and one of our experts will respond within 48 hours

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