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What Information Should Homeowners Expect to See in a Roofing Quote?

What Information Should Homeowners Expect to See in a Roofing Quote?

January 10, 2017

It would not be surprising if many homeowners could recount the details of a situation in which they, or a family member or friend, had to pay more than expected for a particular contractor service.  These cases tend to have a lasting and negative effect, because that person had budgeted for a specific amount but was invoiced at a higher total due to such circumstances as extra service charges, materials substitutions, project overruns, or the all-encompassing unforeseen complications.

Whatever the circumstance, these surprises are upsetting rather than pleasing in nature; but they can often be avoided if the homeowner (a) requests a proper or formal quote or agreement and (b) takes the time to fully review and understand all aspects of the quote before (c) signing the contract.  Sometimes, perhaps because the pricing seems okay or there is an urgency to get the work started and completed, these three steps are either glossed over or skipped entirely; and the consequences can be both stressful and costly.

When the matter at hand is a roof repair or replacement, there could be substantial cost involved; fundamentally, this type of expenditure should be considered as an investment in the home, and as a result, such work should be done by certified roofing professionals and guided by a binding contract between the contractor and the homeowner.

To initiate this process, it is recommended that homeowners obtain three or four quotes for comparison purposes; suggestions on how to choose the various roofing contractors who will be asked to prepare and submit these quotes can be found at our Hiring a Roofing Contractor page.

Roofer Inspecting Gutter System So what type of information should homeowners expect to see in a roofing quote?  What are the questions that should be answered, in a written quote, to help determine which contractor will be the best choice for the job?  Here is the information they want to see:

  • Complete contact information – company name, phone number, and e-mail
  • Physical address/location of the business (rather than just a post office box)
  • Itemization of the project e.g. shingles replacement, gutter replacement, etc.
  • Anticipated duration of the project – estimated start date and completion date
  • Itemization of all materials – styles, quantities, colours, brands, product codes
  • Itemization of all costs – materials, installation and other labour, applicable taxes
  • Terms – timing of all payments (deposit, final) and accepted methods of payment
  • Confirmation of valid workplace insurance and general liability insurance coverage
  • Manufacturer certifications/accreditations to install/repair their respective products
  • Details of all warranties relating to materials and labour plus conditions/exceptions
  • Responsibilities for property clean-up – disposal of old materials, sweeping for nails
  • Other pertinent company information – business or license number, HST registration
  • Permit – whether a building permit will be needed and who is responsible to obtain it
  • The period of time/date for which the quote remains valid (for a decision to be made)

While this may be an extensive list, it is incumbent upon a roofing contractor to provide this type of detail if they want to secure the project, and important for the homeowner to be fully satisfied with this information before accepting and signing the agreement.

To the latter point, there can be certain details contained in a roofing quote which should be cause for concern about hiring that particular contractor; these elements will include:

  • Stipulation that payment be made by cash only
  • Requesting a minimum deposit in excess of 10%
  • A mandated deposit for the purchase of materials
  • Requirement of full payment before work can start
  • Use of sub-contractors (potential for insurance issues)
  • Offering a discount if the contract is signed on that day
  • Offering a discount if the contract is paid in full up-front

As with any type of contractual agreement, a homeowner should be sufficiently informed and comfortable with the particulars and the terms of a roofing quote before committing to the contractor.  There should be no surprises, for either party, when the work is done.

A Forthright Approach in the Preparation and Adherence to Your Roofing Quote

For over 20 years, Integrity Roofers has maintained its reputation as one of the leading roofing contractor in Toronto and the GTA.  This recognition has been achieved through a commitment to providing quality workmanship plus their unparalleled customer service.

As its name implies, Integrity Roofers is driven by a dedication to deliver roofing services in a reliable and forthright fashion; this includes the preparation of all written quotes and the adherence to these quotes when they are awarded the business by their customers.

To learn more about Integrity Roofers and their trusted approach to all aspects of their business, visit our Mission & Values page.

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