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How to Clean Your Commercial Roof?

How to Clean Your Commercial Roof?

November 29, 2019

A commercial flat roof repair is prevented through thorough cleaning. Removing debris that accumulates on a roof is the best way to extend the lifespan, performance and improve safety that is essential to any roof’s operation. The roof is a critical part of your commercial building, and as long as it is functioning at peak efficiency, your business will flourish. Maintenance is the crucial element of a strong and safe roofing system, and it mitigates a commercial roofing repair through due diligence.

Commercial flat roof repair services will be required when elements like debris, mold, and environmental issues infect your roof space. Sunlight is another threat to a roofing system, UV rays shine down, and over time they will erode the surface. A comprehensive maintenance plan will have a section devoted to roof cleaning, and a commercial roofing contractor will provide the needed services. Small investments in your establishment will protect your roof and the tenants of your building. A maintenance routine will help identify when a commercial flat roof repair in North York is warranted.

Cleaning Your Commercial Roof to Enhance its Life

  • Use the Right Products
    Depending on your roof’s surface, you have a choice of many different products to clean your commercial flat roof. Roof cleaning contractors use chlorine bleach with a mix of other chemicals to remove stains, lichen, and mold. A green product that is popular among contractors is an application that doesn’t require a rinse. Another solution for the roofing-cleaning problem is a household detergent that has no abrasive qualities that damage roofing systems.
  • Right Cleaning Process
    Certainly, a spray-on application is one answer, as is a soft bristle brush cleansing with home cleaning products. But, you certainly want to shy away from those methods as they lead to premature aging and degradation of the roof surface. The best approach is an application of a fungicide and or algaecide. A light application will cause no harmful effects and will provide a long-lasting solution to the problems that manifest themselves on your commercial roof.
  • Clean Your Roof Regularly
    General roof maintenance demands a cleaning component as part of the plan. Regular cleanings stop small roof issues from becoming gigantic roof repairs. A clean, commercial roof is easier to service in times of necessity and makes service work simpler. General maintenance is identified, and the root causes of the repairs are treated through vigilant inspections. A roofing contractor will tell you a roof cleaning should be every six months, depending on the condition of the roof.
  • Hire Commercial Roofing Contractors
    Looking at your commercial roof, you might not think that there is much that goes into installing and maintaining a roof. Commercial roofers have well-developed skills and knowledge to deal with your roof cleaning. They will prevent simple jobs from becoming expensive catastrophes through the cleaning process. The risk factor multiplies when engaging in a DIY solution using unqualified personnel to administer the work. Licensed, professional roofing contractors have a deep well of experience, and that can’t be discounted when the time comes to clean your roof.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Commercial Roof

Your roof drives the internal temperatures of your commercial building. A clean roof will help reduce the interior temperatures creating a comfortable environment.

A clean roof will extend the life of the roof through membrane protection. Another financial benefit of a clean roof is reduced utility costs associated with your building’s operation.

Fresh air return is vital to help vent a building. A clean roof works with the HVAC system to provide clean air. Your bottom line will see appreciable financially gains when you have a clean roof.

A clean roof will help identify issues that will damage a roof. Once the impediments have been removed and a clear view of the roof is established, minor problems can be solved.

The first roof cleaning is always the hardest as it removes the buildup of dirt and grime that has accumulated over time. After that, the cleaning process becomes easier as there is less buildup to remove.

Hire Our Commercial Flat Roof Repair Experts for the Best Results

At Integrity Roofers, we develop commercial roofing maintenance plans, and it the best investment that you can make in your roofing system. Our plan will keep your roof in excellent condition based on our 20-years of experience in the industry. Call our office at Integrity Roofers today to formulate your roof maintenance plan at 647.953.9365

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