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Everything You Need to Know About Built-Up Roofing

Everything You Need to Know About Built-Up Roofing

May 17, 2022

Built-up roofing (BUR), also known as built-up roofing systems, has been around for a long time. You will see these roofing systems installed on flat-roof buildings, but they require the services of commercial roofing contractors to install due to the complexity of the installation. They have been a mainstay of flat and low-sloped roofing systems for decades, and they are a quality option for building owners who seek a durable, long-lasting roofing system at a great price. BUR is a series of panels affixed to the roof with adhesives, bitumen and asphalt is added, and then gravel is layered over the felt panel to ensure a leak-free environment for the users of the structure. Priced economically, buying a BUR can provide up to 40-years of life for any building depending on climate and other factors. At Integrity Roofers, we would like to supply an education on this excellent roofing system by outlining the positive benefits a building owner can derive when evaluating the need for a BUR.

Common Materials Used for BUR

Three components make up a BUR system: reinforced fabric made from felt or ply that comes in sheets for installation, bitumen or asphalt that seal the sheets to the roof, and a layer of gravel to complete the process. A standard installation will see the following material used for the BUR installation.

  • Asphalt
  • Bitumen
  • Cold adhesive
  • Fibreglass
  • Pearlite
  • Organic compounds
  • Gravel
  • Stone

How Long Does a Built-Up Roofing Last

As mentioned earlier in this article, a BUR can stand tall for a maximum of 40-years, depending on certain factors. If you are in a cold climate – think of a place like the Yukon – you could see a roof last 15-years as BUR is somewhat sensitive to extreme cold. The contractor used for the installation and the number of sheets laid on the roof is another to think about. If the contractor isn’t an experienced hand installing a BUR, your roof may not last as long as you had hoped. And, more is always better when adding sheets to the roof; you are increasing your building’s security from the weather and leaks when using more than a layer or two of BUR materials.

Built-Up Roofing Repairs

Maintenance costs are never far from a commercial building owner’s attention, and when you think about how the roofing system is installed, it might make you wonder if it can be repaired. When spending money, we want value, and true, a BUR roof won’t be around until the end of time; it can be repaired under certain circumstances. The mitigating factor determining repair or replacement is the extent of the roof’s damage. If you aren’t doing periodic maintenance and minor repairs to the roofing system – like anything else – you are setting yourself up for a costly roof replacement because you skimped on maintenance costs. Let’s look at roof damage this way; the type and the degree the roof is damaged will guide you in deciding what your plans will be when evaluating the roofing system. You never want a DIY repair for a BUR system; you need a tried and true roofing contractor. Factors that cause damage to a BUR are UV rays, direct hits from hail or falling branches, rough weather/climate, and poor installation. Common repairs on a BUR are open joints, blistering, waves, and cracks that develop over time. To repair open joints, you need to add concrete under the joint, add pressure to make it stick, and you have one solution. Another solution is to add another layer of felt fixed to the roof with nails and contact cement. To fix a blister, a roofing contractor will cut an incision in the area that has bubbled up, releasing the gas pressure. Then, the felt piece in question will be cut away from the roof, roofing cement will be applied to the open area, and a piece of felt will be applied to close the gap. This step will be repeated to ensure a secure seal for the roof. Waves or undulations are simple repairs that will be easy to effect. Waves usually come from poor installation as the adhesive wasn’t correctly set. The repair is to add more sealant and substrate to the section where the wave is to smooth out that section of the roof. Roofing will crack over time, and there is little to stop the process. But the repair for a crack is easy for a roofing contractor. They clean the area, add a layer of cement, and apply a layer of sealant, then bitumen or asphalt as the final layer of protection.

Cost of Installing & Replacing BUR

In general, roofing of the type of BUR is done on a square foot basis and driven by some diverge factors. The cost and type of materials used will play a role in the overall price. The better the materials used, the higher the cost – and increased longevity. If less expensive materials are used, the costs will be less, but so will the life span of the roofing system. Now, we will talk about labour – how large is the roof that is being covered, and how many people will be required to install the roof? But, even before we think about our installation costs, don’t forget ripping off a roof comes with a pile of debris to be disposed of. That is the contractor’s responsibility, and in turn, he will pass the costs along to the customer. Your local county or municipality regulates the disposal charges, so do your homework before committing. Roof removal and disposal costs can eclipse a new roof’s installation and materials costs, so make sure you keep that in mind for your new BUR.

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Hassle-Free Built-Up Roofing Installation At Integrity Roofers, we are a licensed, insured, and certified roofing company to meet all your roofing needs. We hold accreditation from suppliers and professional associations across the roofing industry spectrum, and we earned it with our commitment to quality workmanship. With a generation’s experience under our tool belt, there isn’t anything we haven’t seen and a job isn’t too complex for our team of technicians to complete. Once the roof is firmly in place, you as the consumer will receive a manufacturer’s warranty for materials and a workmanship warranty for the installation. Our name is Integrity, and we work to add that with every roof we install. To protect our customers, we only use the manufacturer’s guidelines to install your roof to keep your warranty from being voided in case of emergency. We invite you to attend our website and fill out the estimate form for a no-obligation quote for your roofing work. To discuss your roofing problems with a professional roofing consultant, please call our office today at Integrity Roofers at 416.736.7373

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