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The Best Materials to Use When Building a Commercial Flat Roof

The Best Materials to Use When Building a Commercial Flat Roof

December 28, 2019

Installing new roofs across the Greater Toronto Area, roofing contractors in Toronto have turned to a new type of roofing system to create better outcomes. Roofers in Toronto are installing flat roofs for many reasons that improve the performance and durability of the roofing system. As a low-cost solution, flat or low-sloped roofs are uniform, and they introduce a sense of cohesion that is demanded in many municipalities.

Roofing companies deliver on the architectural design that has taken hold across the industry, and it has been percolating for many years. Roofing contractors in Toronto have been working with the design side of building erection and maintenance. It has fostered an excellent sense of best practices in the roofing industry that include the use of flat roofs from the early years of masonry.

The origin of flat roof design

Flat roof contractors will tell you that a flat roof isn’t flat. It is a low-sloped roof with a 3-12 degree slope measured against a 90-degree angle form the joists. Any roofing contractor in Toronto will tell you this isn’t a recent development; it is deeply rooted in history. In ancient times, architects of old found that a low-sloped roof helped when defending the castle. The slope helped support the ramparts that were integral to repelling long-range weaponry.

Civilizations that lived in arid climates used flat or low-sloped roofs for their buildings. Living in an environment that had little or no rainfall made the flat roof an essential feature of their homes.

Common Materials Used for Flat Roofs

Any roofing contractor in Toronto can install a roofing system, but the best systems reside within a small group of roofing systems that are cost-efficient choices for materials.


  • Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) is created from a synthetic rubber material that can be installed by a roofing contractor in Toronto. If you need UV rays protection at your building, this commercial roofing Toronto solution is suited for your building. The tough layer of protection is resistant to wear and tear and will support traffic and heavy machinery on the roof. It won’t rip or tear, like other materials, and its longevity is a crucial feature for building owners.


  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) has been one of the great material discoveries of the 20th century. Pipes and furniture have been made of PVC for years. The roofing industry has made excellent use of PVC, and it will support 33 percent more weight than a standard flat roof by comparison.


  • The EPDM roof solution is, by far, the most economical in the flat roof membrane class. Compared to PVC, an EPDM system is 600 percent less per square foot. When compared to a TPO flat roof, EPDM is 900 percent less per square foot. You can certainly see why this is the roof of choice for building owners on a budget. An EPDM roof provides excellent insulation and longevity – 30-years if adequately maintained.


  • Asphalt has been used for many years in the roofing business, and contractors consider it the most durable roofing system on the market. Three reasons why the asphalt is excellent: it is tough, provides exceptional insulation values, and will last for 50-years. This roofing system is used for gardens, bars, and designer decks atop buildings.


  • For a business that is a warehouse, a metal roof is the answer to the age-old question about what type of roof should I buy. It is a durable roof that is easy to repair and has restoration options built-in. It is one roof that has a shelf life of 50-years – adequately maintained – and can be an excellent selection to recover your building. Metal can be recycled, and, in general, most old metal roofs become new metal roofs after they are.

Flat roofs are economical, durable, and an excellent long-term investment for any building owner. When you need to maximize the finite space you have for the dimensions of your building, a flat roof adds to the area you can use. A flat roof solution can meet any budgetary requirement based on the type of materials used and the longevity they provide. To get the most out of flat roof installation, a building owner should consult a roofing contractor like us at Integrity Roofers. We have 20-years of experience helping business owners navigate the labyrinth of roofing solutions, and our solutions speak for themselves. For a professional estimate and consultation for your new flat roof, call our office today at Integrity Roofers at 647.953.9365

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