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Quality Commercial Flat Roof Repair and Replacement in Toronto

Quality Commercial Flat Roof Repair and Replacement in Toronto

May 10, 2018

Depth and Breadth of Experience are Key Facets in Commercial Flat Roof Repair

Based on the significant operating costs that are associated with maintaining commercial properties or complexes, the owners and managers of these facilities cannot be faulted if they looked for ways to stretch their budgets to the utmost extent possible; although it can be time-consuming to investigate and negotiate cost-effective contracts or services with various suppliers, these efforts are undoubtedly appreciated by the building tenants and can have a positive effect on occupancy rates.

Sometimes, there is little/no room for discussion with respect to the type of maintenance that must be done and the costs for such work; this is especially important in matters of personal safety and the protection of property. One aspect/line item of any commercial building maintenance budget where this would flat-out apply is roof repairs, since the consequences of procrastination and/or cutting corners in terms of the quality of the roof repairs or replacement can be particularly detrimental to the welfare of the structure, the occupants, and the businesses housed within.

For the vast majority of commercial properties, the type of roofing installed is a flat roof; this roofing is preferred due to its relative ease of installation and long-term performance however the nature of its design means that it can also be subjected to different types of damage; the more/most common reasons for flat roof repair services can include:

  • Leaks/water penetration
  • Ponding water due to sagging
  • Separation of seams or flashing
  • Natural (i.e. storm-related) damage
  • Unintentional (i.e. people-related) damage
  • Decomposition of the surface layer over time

Commercial Flat Roof Repair Toronto Considering the significance of the roof for a commercial facility, or any structure for that matter, similar importance should be placed on the choice among roofing companies in Toronto when the need for flat roof repair or replacement arises.  The selection process should take into account such aspects as years of experience plus breadth of experience in commercial flat roof repair, as well as the certification/qualifications of the crews; for such reasons, commercial property owners would be wise to use the services of Integrity Roofers, one of the leading commercial roofing companies in Toronto and the GTA.

With more than 30 years of commercial flat roof installation and repair experience, the team from Integrity Roofers can skillfully address needs and issues related to all types of multi-ply and single-ply membrane flat roofs including:

  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
  • TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin)
  • EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer)
  • BUR (Built-Up Roofing: tar or bitumen and gravel)
  • Modified Bitumen (reinforced with fiberglass matting)

Moreover, Integrity Roofing is manufacturer-certified to install their individual products, and their crews are fully trained and qualified to the strictest industry standards in terms of onsite safety and in working at heights.  The depth and breadth of their flat roof repair experience and their extensive training/certification affords the specialists from Integrity Roofers prime consideration when deciding among the commercial flat roofing companies in Toronto.

Flat Roof Repair or Replacement Process for Leaks or Damage

When a commercial flat roof develops a leak or other damage that requires repair work, property owners/building managers can rely on Integrity Roofers to complete the task at hand in an efficient and thorough manner. This is accomplished through implementation of a comprehensive flat roof repair process that includes:

  • A full roof inspection
  • Leak/damage investigation
  • Identification of the leak/damage source
  • A detailed written repair or replacement estimate
  • Quality workmanship plus labour and manufacturer warranties

For further information on the commercial flat roof installation, repair, and replacement services provided by Integrity Roofers, one of the leading roofing companies in Toronto.

Looking for quality flat roof repair or replacement services for your commercial property in Toronto?  To ensure that your flat roofing needs are correctly identified and remedied, call the professionals from Integrity Roofers today at 416-736-7373 or contact us to book an onsite inspection and repair or replacement service at your earliest convenience.

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