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Why You Should Get a Roofing Estimate Before the Onset of Spring

Why You Should Get a Roofing Estimate Before the Onset of Spring

February 10, 2019

People usually look for roofing companies that can provide roof repairs and roof replacement just before the onset of spring. This is because it is the ideal time to start researching your options and scheduling appointments for roofing installation, replacement or to help identify and fix any issues as a result of the cold winter season.

Why is spring the perfect time to get an estimate or schedule roof work?

  • You Can Get the Best Prices
    Manufacturers tend to increase the cost of their products twice a year, first during the spring and then in the fall. If you get an estimate before the prices shoot up, you can have the advantage of lower rates.
  • Roofer’s Availability
    Reaching out to a contractor before the busy season means you can work with them to schedule your installation when it is convenient for you. During the peak season, getting in contact with a roofing company can become quite difficult. This can often result in long waiting times, leading to frustration. Two of the busiest seasons for roofing companies in Toronto are:

    • Spring
      This is the period when the weather is good, making it an ideal time to identify potential roof-related problems that may have resulted from the harsh winter climate. People are looking to rectify them as quickly as possible.
    • Fall
      This is when the homeowners are in a rush to make sure their roofing system is sturdy enough to withstand the cold winter months and fix any existing problems so that they don’t get worse due to the colder temperatures and snow.
  • Having Peace of Mind
    Fixing any problems before the onset of spring can reduce your stress and anxiety about the condition of your roof. Moreover, it will also reduce the chances of any emergencies during the spring months which is one of the busiest times for roofing companies.

Getting the Perfect Price for Roof Replacement, Installation & Other Jobs

A roof repair, replacement or installation requires substantial investment for any homeowner which is why you must consider the following before getting an estimate:

  • Obtain 3-4 estimates before choosing the right contractor that meets your requirements.
  • Know what they will typically look for when inspecting your roof to get an idea of how much it will cost you.
  • It also helps to know the prices of different roofing systems and materials to make sure their markup or profit margin is reasonable.
  • Consider the time taken to deliver the estimate as it is a reflection of their work and can indicate how prompt and dedicated they are.

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Why You Should Get a Roofing Estimate Before the Onset of Spring

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