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What You Need to Know About Commercial Flat Roofs?

What You Need to Know About Commercial Flat Roofs?

August 27, 2019

When we talk about commercial structures, a flat roof is a misnomer. When roofing companies in Toronto install a flat roof, it comes with a slight pitch to it – it is necessary for water drainage from the roof to the ground. When roofing contractors in Toronto install a flat roof, they do it to protect the building. Water ponding is the risk of a completely flat roof and that will cause a commercial flat roof repair. If a roof repair isn’t enacted when damage is first discovered, a roof replacement will be the only thing to protect the building from damage from the elements.

Why a flat roof?

Flat roofs are an economical way for a building owner to extend the life of the commercial structure they operate. The flat commercial roof requires less in the way of design and that reduces the cost during the construction phase when a building is erected. When you determine that a flat roof will serve your purpose, you have the choice of many different materials to achieve your roofing goals. Shopping around for materials will be another cost-cutting exercise for those conscious of the bottom line during a project construction phase. Another consideration that a flat roof will bring to the table is that you can install solar panels to help drive energy costs down. Installing a vegetative garden on your roof will help with climate control and that reduces energy costs associated with the operation of the building, increasing profit margins through the cost savings.

Durability, reliability

When you hire a contractor who has the expertise and experience to install a flat roof properly, know that the duration of the lifespan for the roofing system of your choice can be 40-years. New materials in the roofing industry were designed to respond to problems like hail, ponding, fire, gale-force winds and exposure to the dreaded UV rays. Adaptability is the key factor here, as the costs of a new roof have become prohibitive if you are doing every five-to-ten-years. That is an expense that can be avoided with proper care and maintenance of a flat roof.

Financial viability, a flat roof’s rewards

Flat roofing materials have seen an evolution in materials that help with thermal resistance. What that means it they reduce heat leakage from the top of your building. This lessens electrical costs for heating and cooling, and the reduction in fuel consumption starts the process of reducing the carbon footprint of the building.

Minimal maintenance for a flat roof

When you install a roofing system, it is a set-it and forget-it proposition, in most cases. But, your commercial flat roof will need periodic maintenance. The slightly pitched flat roof will need the drains cleaned to keep the water running to the ground. Proactive cleaning stops ponding because the drains aren’t clogged, and when you are on the roof you can remove any debris that has accumulated. Roofing contractors recommend that you service your roof every three months on average and if you have experienced a significant weather event, right after, as a means of protection for the facility.

Problems that can occur

what-you-need-to-know-about-commercial-flat-roofs A flat roof repair Toronto will be necessary when you notice a couple of different signs that your roof has a problem. Warping is a common problem for a roof that has sustained damage. If you see bubbles, split seams, blistering or warping on the roofing system, this is a big problem. Once the cracks develop due to problems, water will leak into the building and cause collateral damage to the building’s structural integrity. Dips in a roof or sagging occur when moisture or water has been able to get below the surface covering of the roof. The water will be absorbed and stay static, creating extra weight for the beams or the trusses to bear. The trusses weren’t designed for the extra weight and they will sag under the pressure.

A flat roof will return the cost of the investment many times over years when having an experienced contractor with years on the job installing it for you. When you have a contractor you can depend on, you can set a maintenance schedule for your roof to keep it in tip-top condition. If you chose to self-inspect your roof, be wary of the warning signs and call a contractor when you recognize them for a quick repair before a replacement becomes the eventual outcome of hesitant behaviour.

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