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What are the Common Types of Commercial Flat Roof Repairs?

What are the Common Types of Commercial Flat Roof Repairs?

March 10, 2022

Commercial flat roofers will tell you that your commercial flat roof will last upwards of 20 years – if properly maintained. Commercial flat roofing contractors will often provide services that revolve around commercial flat roof repair. When you have problems with the weather, snow overload on the roof and other calamities, your roof may not live to the milestone of 20 years.

A roof is a complex series of systems that requires the service of a tried and true professional to determine if it is time for a repair or replacement. When you see damage to the exterior of your roof or see water stains inside your building, reach out to us at Integrity Roofers for a comprehensive assessment of your current commercial roofing situation.

5 Types of Commercial Flat Roofing Repairs

Shingle Repairs

Your shingles are your first point of contact for the weather, and they need to be kept in excellent condition to keep your facility warm and dry. The common problems encountered when dealing with shingles are multi-faceted. It starts with granule loss; the balding of shingles means it will be easier for water to enter because the granules help move water to the eavestrough through to the downspout and then away from the building. Cracks, curls, broken shingles, shrunken shingles and missing shingles should give cause to concern when they are spotted. It means the decking isn’t receiving complete coverage, and water will soak into the wood, creating rot and a factory for potential mould growth. If your shingles have sustained damage, you can bet that some are lifting from where they have been placed, and water will find a way to get to the exposed areas and leak inside. Another area to pay attention to is the valleys on the roof; the shingles in this area wear faster than any other place because they process the bulk of runoff rainwater as they channel the water to the gutters. Leaks often form in these areas, and it is problematic if neglected.

Flashing Repairs

When a new roof is laid, professional roofing contractors will use galvanized steel or zinc alloy to seal the areas around chimneys, dormers, walls and any other area where the roof interconnects with a vertical plane. Not every contractor meets the challenge, and sometimes flashing will lift due to a missed seal. That is all water needs to make an entrance, and costly repairs follow substandard work.

Gutter Maintenance and Repairs

The rain gutters at your roof’s edge are used to move water to the ground. Also, they will receive anything on the roof – from twigs to leaves and other debris – which will accumulate in the channels and clog them. Your gutters aren’t designed to support excessive weight, and once the material becomes wet, it gets heavier and freezes during winter temperatures. It is incumbent on any building owner to keep the gutters clear to avoid costly repairs and water spilling over the gutters creating safety hazards. At Integrity Roofers, we recommend a bi-annual cleaning of the rain gutters that coincides with your regular roof inspection to keep your gutters functioning at optimal performance.

Repairing Leaks on Commercial Roofs

Leaks in any commercial roofing system are apparent- pooling, stains inside and water puddles in the floor or stream on the walls are signs of trouble. When the stains or water manifests themselves, it should tell a building owner that undetected damage occurs. Once problems are identified, you need the services of a professional commercial roofing contractor to get to the bottom of the leak and make the necessary repairs to stop water from invading your establishment.

Repair Due to Poor Ventilation

Ventilation is the single most important feature for any commercial roofing system. Keeping the system protected is what ventilation does – once your attic overheats due to lack of ventilation, the heat is vented through the roof. It doesn’t matter what type of roofing material you have on your commercial structure – it will fry like an egg on the pavement on a hot day. If you have water in the roofing system, the heat will transform the water into mould and algae, creating a biohazard for your building, and costs go up exponentially when this problem occurs.

Hire Integrity Roofers for Commercial Flat Roofers for Quick Repair Work

Quick Commercial Flat Roof Repairs When you commit to getting a commercial roof repair, know that the best choice you can make is to use our company, Integrity Roofers. We have served the needs of many commercial establishments across the Greater Toronto Area for over two decades, and our work stands the test of time. We will attend your facility, use state-of-the-art technology to identify your roofing problems, submit a report detailing the damage, and add recommendations for repairing the problem. The most important part of maintaining a roof is preventative maintenance, from regular inspections to catch problems early, then low-cost repairs can be enacted. If you need help with roofing repairs, please use our online form to get a quick, professional estimate to address your problems. If your issues are immediate and you need to speak to a roofing consultant, please call our office at Integrity Roofers at 647.953.9365.

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