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Top Reasons Why We Need Ventilation Fans In The Attic

Top Reasons Why We Need Ventilation Fans In The Attic

January 9, 2014

Extremely high temperature can be disastrous, and in places like Australia, bush fires break out, spread fast, and consume vast areas covered by vegetation, due to high temperatures. At home, regardless of what part of the world one is in, high temperatures can cause a lot of discomfort. However, roofs play a key role in temperature regulation, and how you have the roof installed will determine whether your home will be cozy or unbearable during extreme weather.

One of the factors that you ought to consider most during roof installation is attic ventilation. Attic ventilations are vital and the following explains why you may have to think about ventilation fans for the regulation of attic temperatures at home.

1. Avoid growth of mildew and mold

The attic needs proper ventilation since poor ventilation will lead to problems associated with moisture. In fact, the moisture levels are likely to escalate due to condensation, resulting from temperature changes of the home and the surrounding area or a change in weather. When the moisture level is high, the chances of having mold and mildew are extremely high. The worst thing about mold and mildew is that they can destroy any furniture in the attic, and cause diseases to the inhabitants of the home.

2. Reduce damage to shingles, wood and insulations

As moisture gets into the attic due to poor ventilation, the wood or the ceiling is likely to warp, which will be soon pave way to rotting. Structural damage will later follow, and this is when you fail to act by replacing the roofing system, the ceiling and installing attic ventilation fans. Insulation can become more or less useless when rendered wet. Ventilating an attic will save you a lot of costs in the future, costs that no one would want to look forward to.

3. Save money in your energy bills

Hot air is often trapped in the attics that are improperly ventilated, especially when the heat rises, and this will in turn affect the temperature of the house. With hot air hovering around your living room, the ACs will definitely have to work more to keep the temperatures at the right level. You might find that the AC will have to use up a lot of energy, and this will translate to higher bills and at the end of the month. Therefore, to cut down on this expense, it is prudent to install attic ventilation fans as soon as possible. They will let hot air easily escape from the attic during sunny days, and keeping the house cool and protect the AC from doing too much work.

When going for attic ventilation, it is important for you to do your homework on the best product and the best dealers. The attic ventilation for your home is bound to be unique, since attics are different. Having a professional over to direct you on what will work for you and what will not is important. Most cheap ventilations will end up being expensive in the end, and the same applies to ignoring the ventilation altogether.

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