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Spring To-Do List for Roof Maintenance & Inspection

Spring To-Do List for Roof Maintenance & Inspection

February 5, 2019

With spring just around the corner, roofing companies believe that this is the right time to think about roof maintenance and inspections including cleaning eaves. Winter leads to fluctuating temperatures and varying precipitation which can create problems. It is crucial to identify and fix these issues to ensure your roof is ready to stand up against the weather.

Tips for Roof Inspections & Maintenance During the Spring

    • Inspect Your Roof
      The first step of your roof maintenance routine is to examine it properly. This can help you identify any potential problems that may not otherwise be visible. Look for evidence of water damage that includes the following signs:

      • Sagging areas
      • Stains on your ceiling
      • Dampened or wet spots on the walls
      • The growth of mould or mildew

      In addition to this, you must also keep an eye out for the following:

      • Corroded or rusted flashing
      • Damaged or loose roof shingles
      • Broken sealing
      • Accumulated leaves on the shingles which can trap water or moisture, leading to the growth of algae, mould, and fungus
    • Clean Your Eavestroughs
      Eavestroughs are often neglected when inspecting the roof which is why you must do the following:

      • Inspect and clean them thoroughly to get rid of any accumulated twigs, leaves, and dirt by scooping them out.
      • Then, rinse the gutters by directing the water pressure towards the downspouts to make sure the water flows freely.
      • After cleaning them, look for any loose nails and make sure they are correctly fastened.
    • Inspect Your Chimney
      Chimneys are susceptible to seasonal damages which is why you must include a proper examination on your roof maintenance checklist. Inspect it with these things in mind:

      • Check the caps to reduce moisture which could otherwise damage the liners, mortar joints, and dampers.
      • Chimneys are a common hiding place for pests such as rats and squirrels which is why you must look for signs of inhabitation and take the required steps to get rid of them.
      • Remove leaves and twigs to prevent any fire hazards.
    • Trim Branches Away from Your Roof
      Keeping branches clear of your home can help in the following ways:

      • Reduce the likelihood of a loose tree limb crashing onto your roof.
      • Deter pests such as squirrels from using it to get onto your roof.

A Comprehensive Spring Checklist

      • Examine the roofing materials and the structure as a whole
      • Secure loose flashing and nails
      • Repair roof shingles and any leaks
      • Reseal vents
      • Re-caulk the flashing around the chimney
      • Get rid of the accumulated debris
      • Call the experts for roof repairs

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