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Residential Flat Roof Snow Removal

Without proper insulation of your attic, warm air may rise into the space in the winter, causing the snow on the roof of your home to melt. This heat loss will have all the more effect on liquefying the snow if the attic’s ventilation system is also deficient.

Sloped Snow Removal
Sloped Snow Removal

If your home has a flat roof, the melted snow is liable to re-freeze and to form a sheet of ice over the drainage system, creating an ice dam which impedes proper discharge of water from the roof, especially if the drains are already plugged to begin with. This situation combined with freezing rain or ice storms can lead to water pooling on the ice, which can in turn create leakage, water back ups, and potentially burst pipes.

So as to minimize the chances that this issue will arise in the first place, regular bi-annual flat roof maintenance is highly recommended. If this situation does present itself, Integrity Roofers is well equipped for dealing with it. We arrive on the scene with an ice melter, which uses calcium to dissolve the frost and protects your roof by eliminating the need to initiate the process with an ice pick. We melt the ice enough to break it apart gently, quickly and carefully, and with minimal noise for the neighbours. We then provide you with the option of addressing ventilation and insulation issues in your attic, so as to prevent any further complications down the line.

The cost of this service varies, depending on the services you choose, your location and the size of your home. Contact us for pricing in your area.


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