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Roofing Contractors in the Annex and Yorkville

Roofing Contractors in the Annex and Yorkville The Annex and Yorkville are two neighbourhoods that border Bloor St. where downtown meets midtown. Most homes in the Annex area surrounding the University of Toronto and Central Technical School – with its renowned Art Centre – have a throwback feel, to a time when the city had a stately image. In contrast with the high-rise condos that ring the area, the old neighbourhoods have a surreal feel about them. Older homes require maintenance, and roofing companies are kept busy restoring the past lustre to the old houses in the area. It doesn’t matter if the home homes need a roof repair or replacement; flat roof contractors will provide the vital work. With all the educational opportunities thriving in and around the area, Bloor St. could be considered a college town centred in a large city.

Yorkville was a village once upon a time, and Bloor St bounds its geographic location. In the south, Davenport Rd. in the north, Yonge St. in the east, and Avenue Rd. in the west. In 1803 the historic proclamation came forth that declared Yorkville a village, and it wasn’t until 1883 that the City of Toronto annexed it. Yorkville hosts one of Canada’s most exclusive shopping districts, The Mink Mile, on Bloor St. Only the wealthiest among us shop.

Annex/Yorkville Roofing Installations Commercial and Residential

Commercial or industrial roofing services for installations are what we do at Integrity Roofers. Protect your existing business with our expertise, and we will repair or replace any roof that outlived its usefulness. Having a roofing contractor at your beck and call is the best source of insurance for your property.

Slate roofs

They age well; over 100 years of service is expected from a slate roof. They are impervious to fire, durable, and strong. A slate roof will not permit vermin of algae from taking up accommodations topside. Slate roofs have stood the test of time and been an essential building material since the late 16th century.

Shingle roofs

The best bang for your roofing buck comes from shingles roofs. Maintenance is easy when a few shingles need replacing, and if a full-blown replacement is necessary, it doesn’t break the bank. When you use our company, Integrity Roofers, we document your problems, demonstrate where the issues lie and plan to repair or replace the roof. Our work comes with a labour warranty, and the manufacturer issues a materials warranty. There are two kinds of manufacturer’s warranties. The first is a prorated warranty. It covers everything for a specified period while a non-prorated warranty covers some things and comes with conditions.

Siding installations

A quick and easy upgrade that won’t leave you out of pocket is installing siding to add to your home’s exterior ambiance. With the development of siding materials, you can have any colour or style imaginable, enhancing the curb appeal. Also, siding serves as an insulation product when wrapped around your home. It seals the cooks and crannies that are present, saving heating and cooling dollars in the process. Bring your home upgrade dreams to us at Integrity Roofers, and let’s get the ball rolling on your home improvement.

Skylight Installations

Natural light is an excellent addition to any home’s internal environment, and a new skylight or two will warm up any room they are centred. Skylights outperform vertical windows letting in natural light, and it isn’t even close. You get 100 percent more natural light with skylights than traditional windows. The beauty of the skylight is that it is adaptable to any setting in any design you want. At Integrity Roofers, we have every skylight under the sun and then some when you want to add more light to your home.

Gutters, soffit, and fascia

The three elements of a roofing system, gutters, soffit, and fascia, provide important work to the roofing system that goes unnoticed. The gutters move water from the roof; fascia is the cover between the roof and gutters; soffit helps the inner roof breathe fresh air. Water is the scourge of any roofing system, and that is why you need quality gutters to run water away from your home. At Integrity Roofers, we have a maintenance plan to help homeowners keep their gutters clear, and we do routine inspections to make sure the other aspects of your roofing system are functional. If work is required, we formulate a plan and work to ensure that your roof is protected.

Annex/Yorkville Roof Repairs and Roof Replacements

Shingle damage and leaks

Shingles on a roof take a beating, and the climate is the constant threat to a shingle roof. In the summer, heat makes shingles expand; in the winter, it is the opposite. Over years of abuse, shingles will need replacing or repairs, and it is prudent to inspect your roof twice a year to look for damage. Shingles that are buckling, curling, cracking, or have rounded corners all tell the story of a roof that needs attention. Even a roofing system can’t outrun Father Time, and they need to be replaced when they are at the end of their life cycle. At Integrity Roofers, we have many selections for your roofing solutions when problems come to the fore. We carry cedar shakes, slate tile shingles, asphalt and composite shingles, and many other types to cover your roof.

Gutters, soffit, fascia

If your attic has a stuffy, mouldy smell, your soffit is plugged. Water running down the side of your home means that the gutters are pulled away from your home, or they have cracks or holes. If you see an opening along the gutter/roofline, you have fascia problems, and any one of them can be fatal for a roofing system.

Flat roof membranes

The biggest problem for a flat roof membrane is ponding that occurs at flat spots on a roof. It is standing water that will find a way into your roofing system. In the winter, it freezes and causes cracks holding debris in place that prevent drainage in the spring and summer. UV rays cause a condition called alligator skin, that is when a roof membrane will shrivel due to constant exposure to the sun. Buckling will cause the membrane to distort due to changes in the surface, and when it happens, openings come in different spots on the roof. High winds cause lifting of the membrane, and when it happens, it is only a matter of time before the entire membrane is compromised.

Snow and ice dam removal

In the winter, snow will accumulate on your roof. The roof, while strong, wasn’t made to withstand so much excess weight. Let us at Integrity Roofers keep the snow off the roof with our winter maintenance plan to ensure that your roof stays protected. Ice dams mean that you have heat radiating from your attic to your shingles. The heat leaks cause snow to melt and refreeze at the gutters. The ice will force the gutters away from the side of your home, and the damage is done. Check your attic insulation to determine if you have enough insulation or need an additional top-up or complete replacement.

Attic air sealing and weatherizing

Heat loss is a problem for many homeowners. That is why air sealing any and all opening is a must to keep heat in your home. It isn’t just the attic that needs sealing, lights, wiring, plumbing, and other areas that need to be closed up to prevent leaks. Sealing helps create a constant temperature in your home, reduces costs as crucial heat or cooled air doesn’t escape, and a smaller carbon footprint due to reducing fossil fuels is beneficial for a homeowner. Adding attic insulation prevents sagging joints, wood rot and keeps moisture from home from entering your attic.

Attic insulation and ventilation

Insulation is a regulator for temperature in your home and prevents moisture, warm air from doing damage to the trusses, joints, and rafters in your attic. When you reduce fossil fuel use, your HVAC system isn’t worked as hard, extending the system’s life. Reduced costs are also present due to the reduction in utility costs you will enjoy with new insulation. There are several different insulation solutions: spray foam, cellulose, and blown-in fibreglass. Spray foam seals everything, cellulose is excellent for walls and floors, and fibreglass is ideal for attics. When you need new attic insulation, we at Integrity Roofers will remove the old materials before installing new attic insulation. When you want to inspect your attic insulation, here a few things to look for: dust and debris, mould and mildew, insect and vermin invasion, odours, and higher than usual utility bills will tell you something is amiss in your attic.

Insect and animals

Insects and animals will look for a place to call home, and your attic might be the place they take up residence. If your home is exposed to the elements, the vermin will enter, and your attic will serve as their condo in the sky. When you have a roofing maintenance plan with us at Integrity Roofers, we will find an opening and potential opening and seal them before they become problems. The plan is an ounce of prevention that is worth a pound of cure for any homeowner.

Annex/Yorkville Diagnostic Services

Roof inspections

You should be checking your roof twice a year for problems, and not just the outside. Inside, critical issues can be avoided when you take a look at small issues. Look for watermarks, check for drafts, and check the seals to keep your inside roof in excellent condition. On the outside, shingles, flashing, soffit, and fascia need to be reviewed to determine if they are in good condition.

Consulting and assessments

It doesn’t matter what your profession is; you need a professional roofing contractor to keep your roof stable. A roofing system is a complex set of systems that work together, and a professional understands the relationship and maintains it in good working order. At Integrity Roofers, we have a rigorous review and inspection program that hunts for problems then we enact solutions to solve them.

Infrared thermal imaging

It is one thing to think you have a heat leak; it is another to see it in real-time. We use digital photography to catch any and all heat leaks on your roof, and once we do our work to seal up the problem is elementary.

Integrity Roofers, Your Only Choice

Our team has an excellent reputation and solid expertise to prosecute your roofing problems. For over two decades, we have made problems solutions for people across the Greater Toronto Area with our attention to detail and top-of-line-products. Call our office today at 416.736.7373 to discuss your problems, and we provide a professional estimate to solve them.


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