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Roofing Contractors in Lawrence Park

When you think about the Lawrence Park neighbourhood, something should jump out at you right away. It was the first planned neighbourhood in Toronto, beginning at the turn of the 20th century. After WWII, the community took off, and the boundaries of the area expanded to include Yonge St. to the west, Bayview Ave. to the east, Blythwood Ravine to the south, and Lawrence Ave. to the north. In 2011, the area was named the wealthiest in Canada. There is a lot of stately architecture in the area, and older homes need roofing companies from time to time to keep the homes in good condition. Many of the older homes require a roof repair, a roof replacement, or a flat roof repair to hold the property’s value and beauty. The types of homes you will find in the Lawrence Park area are English Cottages, Tudor Revival, Georgian, and Colonial style designs that reflect the area’s history and opulence. Most of the homes in the area were built between 1910 and 1940 and reflected a time when a prestigious home was a statement of success. The area has seen its share of re-development. Many of the homes that dot the community now are much larger than the original homes they replaced.

Roofing Contractors in Lawrence Park

Lawrence Park Roofing Installations, Residential and Commercial

Flat Roofs

  • Whether you know it or not, your roof is an essential feature for any building. It keeps the weather out and allows employees to perform their tasks in a safe and climate-controlled environment. Maintenance of a roofing system is the best business investment the operator of a building with a flat roof can make. Like anything, roofs will wear out due to exposure or the end of the life cycle, and refurbishing a roofing system is paramount to keep your investment a solid one. The weather is a problem for a roof; it is exposed to all sorts of conditions. From bone-chilling temperatures to scalding hot UV rays, it takes the abuse and keeps the inside of a building warm and dry. You need a roofing contractor on our speed dial when problems begin to manifest themselves to get the right service for your roof when you need it. Failing to plan is planning to fail, which is the biggest reason you need a flat roof maintenance plan for your commercial structure.

Slate Roof

  • A slate roof is one of the most durable roofing systems money can buy, and it is beautiful too. The slate roof is one of longevity, it will last 100 years, and it is a strong roof when standing up to the elements. Slate is a substance that is fire retardant and provides solid electrical insulation on any building. For centuries architects have designed buildings with slate roofs, and they have survived war, weather, and wear and tear to maintain their prestigious look. Compare a slate roof’s longevity with any other roofing product and what you will find is that slate will last four times longer than other roofing systems on the market. One thing about slate roofs isn’t widely known, and this is its capacity to repel water. When rain or melting snow is on a slate roof, it will see a less than one percent absorption rate. Maintenance is a small detail for a slate roof due to construction and material used to create the shingles. As an inert substance, slate will not provide a place for vermin, mould, or mildew to take refuge.

Shingle Roofs

  • Shingle roofs have been a low-cost option for a home since the early 1900s. If problems arise on the roof and a repair is needed, a section of damaged shingles is removed and replaced. A small cost with a limited investment in materials makes a shingle roof an attractive proposition financially. When you have problems with your roof, call us at Integrity Roofers. We will take stock of the situation and create an effective solution. When we arrive, we will take pictures of the problem area and document it for your review through an inspection we perform on all repair work we do. Our experience will yield a pathway to remediate your roofing problem, and we stand behind our work with a labour warranty that runs for 10-years. If a new roof is needed, we will fulfill the work with a level of expertise that is revered across the Greater Toronto Area. Our technicians have a great deal of experience dealing with all sorts of roofing problems – from the mundane to the exotic out teams has seen it. We offer a host of repair services for your roof. They fall along the leak prevention lines, replacing asphalt shingles, keeping your eavestrough clear and repaired/replaced, removing ice dams, and correct chimney problems.
  • Furthermore, our expansive service base holds out the promise of great work when you need animal or storm damage repaired. We will correct issues with the vents, snow removal for your roof, correcting soffit and fascia problems, add gutter filters, fix neglected roof valleys, and replace worn or damaged flashing. All new roofing system comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, and we have two different types available for you. A prorated warranty and non-prorated warranty cover different things when you obtain either one. A prorated warranty covers specific things for a specific period, while a non-prorated warranty offers full coverage of a period of time. A prorated warranty provides coverage for a limited period and only covers some things included in a non-prorated warranty.

Siding Installations

  • Our homes reflect our image, and we want to show the world our best face. Adding siding as a complement to your home’s exterior is an upgrade that holds a great deal of potential. Siding comes in many different colours and design styles; it is an excellent insulator to address leaks and drafts. Siding must be installed correctly to achieve the full value of the product, and that is why your only choice for siding installation is our company, Integrity Roofers. Our work will provide a homeowner with substantial savings on heating and cooling bills that accumulate over the years, and that is money in your pocket. Our diligence and trained staff will make all this possible when the decision has been taken to add siding to your home’s profile.

Skylight Installations

  • Home improvements take on a whole new look when a skylight is added to any room in your home. Adding natural light to the room will create a warm, comfortable environment that says relaxation. A skylight allows more natural light in your home than does a vertical window – 100 percent more – and it creates a reduction in utility use. Skylights are very popular now, and when the time comes to sell your home, the skylight is an added feature in great demand. When you buy a skylight, the best product on the market is the premium grade skylight. When our seasoned technicians install it correctly, it won’t leak. Add blind controls, all-season glazing, flashing that is weather-tight, and you have the complete package to make your addition an excellent one. Curb-mounted skylights are considered best in class because the leak factor is non-existent and removable when a repair to the roof needs to be made. At Integrity Roofers, we have many different styles of skylights for your review, and we service what we install. We take great pride in being a top-flight skylight installation and repair company, and our work is synonymous with quality across the GTA.

Eavestrough, Fascia, And Soffit

  • The three components are the unsung heroes of your roofing system. Eavestroughs take water from the shingles to the downspouts and away from the home. The fascia is the wood, or an aluminum-clad cover is attached to the roof edge to close the opening. The soffit is the fresh air return for the attic keeping it cool and dry and protected from moisture. The construction of an eavestrough can be aluminum, copper, or metal. The fascia comes from products like aluminum, plywood, or vinyl. Protecting your home is another job for a rain gutter it keeps water away from bricks, underlayment, and other vital pieces of the roofing system. Maintaining a dry attic that is free from vermin and insects is how the soffit earns its keep. When installed and functional, the three components offer a visually appealing portrait of the home that makes your home a pleasant one to visit. Regular maintenance must be done to keep the eavestrough working well, and that is why we clean our eavestroughs at least once a year. When the cleaning is done, we at Integrity Roofers can inspect your eavestrough for problems that require a repair or replacement. When we install a new eavestrough at your home, we follow a process that makes the work simple and easy to perform. We plan the job based on the type of home and eavestrough system you will have. Next, we work on the assembly phase of the job, attach the downspouts, add any required outlets, and the end of the job is hanging the gutters from the side of your house.

Lawrence Park Roof Repairs and Replacements

Flat Roof Membranes

  • Flat roofs are a solid choice for any structure, but they come with areas that can be threatened when no maintenance is done to maintain the flat roof. Ponding is created when water will stand for more than 48-hours in any spot on a roof. The water puddle is a host for mould, mildew, and algae to grow, like a petri dish. In colder temperatures, the standing water freezes cause cracks in the membrane, then leaks in the roof. A flat roof will attract debris because debris can sit on a flat roof. The build-up clogs the drains keeping water on the roof for extended periods of time. Waterlogged debris will freeze, thaw, and re-freeze in the winter, causing extra weight and creating cracks in the flat roof’s membrane skin. UV rays beat down on a flat roof, and as the heat is absorbed, the flat roof takes on an alligator’s skin. The heat will cause the membrane to shrink, and in the process, cracks will develop where water can enter your structure. Over time, buildings shift as they settle. If the flat roof membrane hasn’t been properly installed, you can expect buckling of the membrane to be the result. If you notice any of these conditions on your roof, call us immediately at Integrity Roofers to eliminate any problems your roofing system has. When the wind blows, it causes damage. If your flat roof isn’t anchored correctly due to poor workmanship, the wind will lift the membrane after a few good gusts, and your building at risk of water damage. Keep an eye open for flashing problems on your roof when you conduct regular inspections. Water will get in through the flashing, and by the time you see it in the building, it will be too late. An expensive roof repair or potential replacement will be the only way to prevent further erosion of your roofing system, and that is something to avoid where possible.

Snow and Ice Dam Removal

  • It might sound odd, but you need snow cleared from your roof in the winter, and we at Integrity roofers offer the service to all our customers. Roofs weren’t meant to support the snow’s weight, and it must be removed to prevent damage from occurring. Ice dams are the creation of poor or limited insulation because the lack of insulation products lets heat escape to the shingles of your roof. Once the heat escapes, it will melt snow, and the water will make its way to the gutters for distribution away from the house. As the temperature cools in the evening, the water freezes at the gutters creating extra weight on the channels, and it puts pressure on the edge of the gutters. If the pressure is too great, it will force the gutter away from the fascia, creating an opening for water to run wild down the side of your home. Let our company, Integrity Roofers, create a four seasons maintenance plan that will include snow and ice dam removal when it accumulates at your home.

Attic Sealing and Weatherizing

  • Heat leaks happen, and for a home that isn’t sealed and weatherized correctly, the loss can be significant. Any area with gaps can be a potential heat loss site, and it isn’t just in the attic. Think about the light fixtures, wiring, plumbing stacks, stairs/drop-down ceilings, attic and pocket doors, vents and fans, cathedral ceiling, and added additions are potential leak sites. Sealing your home comes with many value-added features: constant temperature in the whole home, cost reductions because you are using all the heat and cool air your generate, greening your footprint due to less fossil fuel use, maximizing your attic insulation value. Sealing and weatherizing are another way to extend your roof’s lifespan and save money in the process. Your HVAC unit works less, and that is more money in your pocket due to reduced energy use.

Insulation and Ventilation

  • When you want to protect your home from the ravages of Mother Nature, proper attic insulation and ventilation are the sword and shield your home need for protection. Ventilation maintains a dry environment for your attic. Moisture is a problem that needs constant vigilance – if you don’t keep warm, damp air out your attic, the decking and trusses will experience wood rot. You will know the problem has visited your attic when you see your roof sagging for no discernible reason. To prevent moist warm air from entering your attic, a layer of protective insulation is a must. There are two types of attic insulation that we use at Integrity Roofers – cellulose and spray foam insulation. They both come with excellent benefits when you install either product. Spray foam is the ultimate sealer; it covers every crack, hole, nook, and cranny when applied. Cellulose is a great product to insert in your walls, floors, ceiling, and attic, and keeps your home’s temperature constant. When we install blow-in cellulose insulation at your home, we will remove the old insulation first. We have made it our mission at Integrity Roofers to specialize in removing blown-in insulation as a value-added service for anyone who needs new attic insulation. Our team has handled many complex insulation jobs, and their experience and expertise will drive the project from start to finish. We want to offer a plan to help you identify your insulation problems to keep them from becoming expensive upgrades at your home. Inspect your attic regularly, keep dust and debris to a minimum; mould and mildew cause air quality problems and must be dealt with discovered. Pay attention to odours emanating from your attic and look for insect infestation and animals nesting in your attic. When you notice your utility bills are astronomical, you know you have problems, and the insulation can be the critical piece of the higher cost puzzle. In the past, asbestos was used as insulation in homes. If your home was built before 1975, you could be harbouring it without your knowledge.

Damage from Insects or Animals

  • To prevent insects and animals from nesting in your home, you must keep openings closed so they don’t enter your attic uninvited. When you employ our company, Integrity Roofers, we will seal all possible entrances that insects and animals will use and repair any damage they have caused in the interim through a roofing maintenance plan. Strong attention to detail and a little sweat equity on your part will save thousands of dollars in repairs when you have a professional roofing contractor in your corner.

Lawrence Park Roofing Diagnostic Services

Roof Inspections

  • While you think that the outside of the roof is the only place for inspection, think again. The inside of the roof needs to be examined to detect flaws and problems early. Seeing shingles that are curled, lifting, or flapping in the breeze identifies issues. If you see watermarks inside on the decking, you know you have a leak. Check the eavestrough fascia and soffit. If there are water spots along the side of your home, the eavestrough has problems. If your attic feels stuffy and wet, your soffit is blocked. Peeling paint or the dulling of the finish along the eavestrough trim tells you that the fascia is failing. If the trusses or decking feels soft or spongy, wood rot is setting in and will create the need for major structural repairs. Our inspection service at Integrity Roofers touches on these areas, and more and our experienced service techs know what to look for when inspecting your roof.

Consulting and Assessments

  • At Integrity Roofers, we are professional roofing contractors capable of providing an evaluation of the current roof situation and a pathway to prevent potential problems from visiting your roof. Once a problem is identified, our expertise in all things roofing allows us to create an industry-standard solution built to last. Put your roof in our good hands at Integrity Roofers and will work to extend the life of your roof while reducing repairs bills through early intervention on the problems affecting your roofing system.

Infrared Thermal Imaging

  • When we come for a full-blown inspection of your roofing system, we will look for heat leaks on your roof. We accomplish the task using a thermal imaging camera to detect heat leaks, and then we know exactly where we need to go to stop the problem dead in its tracks.

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For a generation, we at Integrity Roofers have been Toronto full-service roofing contractors based on superior service, excellent workmanship, and attention to detail. We can remediate any problem with any structure. Whether it is a commercial building, home, or production facility, we have your covered. Make contact with our company for your building protection, and we will keep you comfortable. For a professional estimate and consultation, call us at Integrity Roofers today at 416.736.7373. 


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