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Roof Repair: DIY vs Commercial Roofing Contractor

Roof Repair: DIY vs Commercial Roofing Contractor

June 10, 2023

When you indeed a commercial roof repair, do you call your hairstylist? The answer should be NO; you call around to find commercial roofing contractors that can solve the problem. Flat roofing contractors that specialize in commercial roofing when problems make themselves evident. Issues with your commercial roofing require local roofing contractors in Toronto to sort them out. With the plethora of companies in the Greater Toronto Area, roofing contractors near me can be located from Etobicoke to Scarborough to solve your problems. It is a challenge to know the difference between a DIY solution and a professional solution for problems, and in some cases, a DIY solution may be appropriate. When your commercial or industrial facility needs roofing work, you don’t trust just anybody with your livelihood. You find the right party – like a commercial roofing contractor – to satisfy your needs. Let’s review why a common sense approach to commercial roofing problems is a must when trouble arises at your facility.

Knowledge & Experience

A background in on-the-job experience can’t be replicated, and no amount of Internet videos can replace the expertise. Often you get a generic explanation to fix a problem that might require a nuanced approach, or you discover problems that aren’t covered in the video. That is the chief reason why you need professional expertise when dealing with commercial roofing problems.

Equipment & Materials

A DIYer will not have invested in the equipment required to complete a complicated commercial roofing job. Nor does the DIYer maintain any relationship with suppliers. Generally, he has a ladder and some hand tools and purchases supplies from a home improvement outlet. Proper tools mean the job runs faster and more efficiently. Supplier relationships mean lower costs for materials and cost savings in the long run when combined with the right tools and efficient use thereof. Leave it to the professionals if you don’t want to rent equipment and source supplies.

Protection & Safety

A DIYer may not be trained in safety procedures nor possess safety equipment to complete the work required. On the other hand, a professional roofing company takes safety seriously and has the equipment to protect their crews when they need it most on the roof. Insurance is another aspect to consider. Roofing companies maintain million-dollar liability policies for accidents on-site that hurt employees or damage structures. The insurance cost isn’t cheap, and you will know you aren’t hiring the right party if your estimate seems low compared to other companies.

Guaranteed Outcome

When you select a professional to deal with your roofing problems, you should be confident that the solution will be the right one. If you need convincing, they will show you pictures of previous work and provide references to demonstrate their bona fides. If you hire a DIYer or do the work yourself, the results may not be guaranteed to solve the roofing problem at hand.

The Risks of DIY Commercial Roofing Repair

Dangerous Work

Roofing work is dangerous. In construction trades, accidents on roofing jobs happen at twice the rate of other types of construction/renovation work. It is one thing to be comfortable walking on a roof; it is entirely different from knowing the correct procedures to navigate your way around on the roof. Roofing professionals have been trained to work safely on the roof and wear safety equipment to prevent them from becoming a statistic.

It Can Void Your Warranty

The material used comes with a warranty when installing a new product on the roof. But, in order for the warranty to take effect, the manufacturer’s guidelines must be followed. If there is a problem down the line, and an inspection says the product wasn’t installed correctly, your warranty becomes void.

Your Insurance Claims Might be Denied

Any damage your roof sustains – from insects to water – your claim might be rejected if you haven’t engaged in roof maintenance. If the adjuster finds out a non-professional roofer serviced the roof, your building insurance may be cancelled without notice.

You Can Miss Problems

There are many instances where a TPO roof or EPDM system patch doesn’t solve the problem; it just treats the symptom. Without a trained eye and knowledge of how a flat roofing system works, you may miss the problem’s cause. Ponding is an excellent example; you may temporarily stop the leak, but the next rainstorm will see leaks happen.

You Might Create Other Problems

Even weight distribution is a must when traversing a roof; if you are unfamiliar with the technique, you could seriously impair a roof’s functional ability by creating weak spots or low points where water can pool. Also, if you aren’t well-versed in applying roofing materials, you could see problems arise. Suppose you are installing shingles and you don’t nail them down correctly; they can blow off in a wind storm or be the source of a leak if the nails aren’t driven in with the correct technique.

It Might Not Look Good

The aesthetic look of your roof is like a first impression; you never get a second chance to make one. If your roof doesn’t enhance the architectural structure of the building, the work you did to repair the roof was in vain. A good-looking roof adds to the value of a building, and should you sell the building at some point, it can erode the value of the property in general.

Avoid Hiring a Residential Roofing Company for Commercial Roof Repair.

Because a company is licensed to do residential roofing repairs and installations, it doesn’t make them experts in commercial roofing endeavours. Don’t sign a deal with a residential roofing company when you have a commercial job that needs attention. You don’t go to the dentist if you have breathing problems, do you? It is the same equivalent, so stick to professional commercial flat roofers for your roofing needs.

At Integrity Roofers, We Specialize as Commercial Roofing Contractors in Toronto

Commercial Roofing Contractors in Toronto For over a generation, we at Integrity Roofers have made commercial roof repairs, installation, replacement and roof maintenance our stock and trade in the Greater Toronto Area. We use industry-standard techniques on all your roofing problems, combining efficiency with affordability when problems visit your commercial or industrial facility. Our team of qualified, certified, professionally trained roofing experts meet and exceed expectations that solve the problem right the first time. Transparency is how we deliver on the promise for our customers because every roof is unique, like the needs of our customers. To book a roof inspection or a consultation for your unique roofing problem, contact us, and we will be at your service.

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