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How to Tell If You Need New Attic Insulation in Toronto

How to Tell If You Need New Attic Insulation in Toronto

January 10, 2020

Attic insulation comes with several benefits for a homeowner that isn’t mutually exclusive. The first thing about insulation is that it saves money. The cost of attic insulation should never be the deciding factor when you are buying attic insulation in Toronto. What should be the deciding factor for house attic insulation is what purpose it will serve. Improving your livability at home should be the overriding consideration. Warm floors in the winter, a cool environment in the summer where your appliances aren’t overworked is part of what makes blown-in attic insulation attractive.

Insulation companies will tell you that you can save 20 percent on your energy bills year over year, and the savings underwrites the cost of installation. By far, cellulose attic insulation offers the best bang for your insulation buck. You can have an R-value of 3.5 per square inch when you buy cellulose insulation for your home. Finding a contractor should revolve around ‘a shop local’ edict or ‘insulation companies near me‘ might be your best guide.

Reducing energy consumption reduces your carbon footprint, and it helps green the planet. Greenhouse gases are the key driver of climate change. If we all can do a small part to reduce energy use, we will contribute to a cleaner atmosphere to pass on to our children and grandchildren.

Signs You Need New Attic Insulation in Toronto

Your Home Has Issues Maintaining Warmth or Colder Temperatures in The Summer.

  • Set your thermostat to hold temperatures in your home, and if it doesn’t, it means that your attic insulation is failing to do the job. Drafts, hotpots, or cold spots or temperature variances between floors should tell you something is a miss. Insulation degradation, pests, vermin, or damaged insulation contribute to insulation failure in their own ways.
  • Furnace and air conditioning units will pay the price for faulty insulation. They will run overtime and wear out faster than running efficiently when proper insulation is in the attic. Another problem homeowners encounter is that they don’t have enough insulation in the attic. Depending on climate and weather in your area, it will affect the amount of insulation you install.
  • An investment in insulation should see a homeowner purchase enough blow-in insulation to achieve an R-value of R-50 to R-60.

Energy Costs Are Through the Roof.

  • High utility costs are standard during peak use times. A heatwave or a cold spell will require more energy to heat or cool your home. Poor or limited insulation will drive your energy costs higher every month. Your attic is one of the largest rooms in your home, and it is dictating your cost increases. Heat or cold leaks into your attic are money up in smoke, not to mention the strain on appliances like furnaces and air conditions.
  • Your home feels like the rain forest, damp and moist.
  • You can feel the dampness in your home, many times it from cooking or laundry, but insulation or lack thereof is a factor, too. Humidity, condensation, and drips are byproducts of poor insulation. Moisture is a breeding ground for mold and mildew that impacts air quality in your home. Respiratory disease can come from long-term exposure to mold, and that can be life-threatening. Inspecting your attic insulation is one way to fight mold and mildew. If you go in the attic and it feels ‘wet,’ you have heat trapped in the attic that is releasing moisture vapour in the air.

Why You Need Home and Attic Insulation in Toronto

The Importance of Attic Insulation

  • Living in Ontario, the weather can be intemperate, and temperature swings are the expectation. Depending on your region, the temps can run from 30-degrees Celsius to minus 30-degrees Celsius. This situation creates challenges for your home and the appliances that operate them. Keeping your A/C unit and furnace running efficiently is what attic insulation will do to protect your home. It keeps the valuable, conditioned air inside and prevents outdoor temperatures from affecting your environment. Lower utility bills will follow when you have the right amount of insulation in your attic.

Attic Insulation Is A Necessity.

  • Think about attic insulation like this: Would you go outside in minus 30-degree Celsius without a hat? The answer should be a resounding NO! Your attic is the head of your home, and without the insulation covering, your heat loss will accelerate, and your home will be COLD! Let’s remember something from our high school physics class: Heat rises. When there isn’t a layer of protection to prevent leaks, you have heat loss, end of the story.

When and Why Should Insulation Be Installed In Your Home?

  • Every product has a shelf life. If you haven’t inspected your attic insulation or know how long it has been since it has been installed, you need new insulation. Upgrades in materials or new building codes will demand updates in the home. If the timeline is more than 10-years, call us at Integrity Roofers for an insulation consultation. We can look at the situation and provide our analysis that creates a path to home energy efficiency.

How to Choose an Attic Insulation Contractor in Toronto

Knowledge Is Power

  • Living in the Greater Toronto Area provides many choices for the services you need for your home. But it is a double-edged sword; too many options mean you can make the wrong choice and end up with services that don’t satisfy the need. When you are sourcing an attic insulation company, find one that has done many home attic insulation projects. It will demonstrate an innate understanding of the process and procedures required to complete the project correctly. Also, an experienced contractor and crew will have the tools and equipment that are needed to do the work quickly and efficiently, saving time and money in the process.

A Solid Reputation Produces Solid Results

  • Use the Internet to source for options for a contractor. You can access many social media sites that will provide valuable information about contractors and how they handled the work performed on-site. Local companies with a history of reliable workmanship and excellent performance will be easily identified, and you can align with them for your needs.

Hire A Professional and Get Some Options

  • Professional contractors have a wide variety of experience when installing attic insulation. Your contractor can advise you of the needs of your home and how best they are fulfilled with new insulation products. Every home is unique, and so are the requirements for your attic insulation. You will get excellent results when you deal with a company that has a wide array of experience and longevity in the insulation business.

Attic insulation is a crucial home improvement project, and Integrity Roofers is the only company you need for the work. We have many years of experience providing attic insulation upgrades, and our reputation is excellent in the industry. For a professional consultation and attic inspection, call our office today at Integrity Roofers at 416-736-7373.



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