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Important Things to Consider Before Replacing Your Old Roof

Important Things to Consider Before Replacing Your Old Roof

September 10, 2019

Once every generation or so, you will need a commercial flat roof replacement and that will require commercial flat roof replacement services from a reputable contractor. There are many reasons for a commercial flat roof replacement in North York. It could be a weather event; poor quality materials that were installed or it could be that the maintenance schedule wasn’t vigilantly followed. In any event, you will need Toronto roof replacement services to protect your investment – as a landlord or the operator of a business and that is non-negotiable. When the time comes to evaluate your commercial flat roofing system for repair or replacement, there are factors to consider before you make either decision. Do the problems that are afflicting your roof demand a replacement or a commercial flat roof repair in North York? Assessing a roofing problem should be handled by a contractor who specializes in commercial flat roof repair services. Using a qualified contractor can make all the difference in successful remediation and one that will require constant attention. Two problems that plague flat roofing systems are poor drainage and high-energy costs. The drainage problems come from blocked evacuation systems, and high-energy costs come from a lack of proper insulation in the roofing system driving energy costs through the roof.

When to repair, and when to replace your flat roof system

  •  Do I repair my flat roof or replace it, is the eternal question that needs to be fleshed out before any activity is started on your building. There are two sets of circumstances that should govern this decision. First, look at the age of the roof – this is important. An older roof nearing its end of life span will be viewed with an eye on replacement providing the damage it has sustained is cost-prohibitive to the repair. On the other hand, if the flat roof is relatively new – say 10-years or less – minor repairs would be the recommendation of any roofing contractor. One wild card to throw into the mix is the condition of the structure of the roof. If it is listing, twisted or sagging, a full-blown replacement should be in the forecast for your roof. Financial viability will also drive the decision here, and when buying roof replacement services, you never want to scrimp on price. It isn’t about the price of the roof, it is about what the solution will accomplish in the long run, and that is how the decision should be made.
  • Emergency roofing repairs come from weather events in the main, and the weather indeed plays an important role in roofing maintenance. But, what we don’t hear about is climate – weather events come and go, but the climate is with us all day every day. Flat roofing systems are designed to meet the specific challenges of the climate where they will be installed. For instance, a flat roof geared for warm temperatures may not be effective in a climate of constant cold. Roofing systems – with membranes – will expand and contract when UV rays hit them. If the roofing system is constructed for that type of climate, it will work well. If the system isn’t made for that type of climate, it will overheat and expand. Once the roof has been stretched, it loses its ability to provide shelter for the building.
  • Water drainage from your roof is an important function and can’t be discounted when assessing roofing problems. When water ponds on a roof it will find cracks and crevices to enter the building through. Moisture will build creating mold and mildew, causing hazards that are associated with respiratory problems. Water or moisture will cause structural problems for a commercial roof. Trusses or rafters that must stay dry to be effective will become ‘spongy’ and cause the roof to sag.
  • Commercial contractors need to be vetted before you let them on the roof of your building. You need to know their background and what process they will employ when tackling your roofing problem. If you don’t understand what you are buying, don’t write the cheque until you do.
  • One key detail that will need to be established is the warranty – what does it cover and what doesn’t it cover. This sound might like a minor detail, but when something goes wrong, it could be the difference in thousands of dollars in repairs or a warranty repair.

Important Things to Consider Before Replacing Your Old Roof The best thing a building owner can do is book an inspection with a reputable roofing contractor in North York. At Integrity Roofers, we have more than a decade’s worth of service supplying quality-roofing solutions for commercial and industrial concerns. To obtain a free quote and assess your roofing problems, call Integrity Roofers today at 416-736-7373.

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