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How to Prepare Your Commercial Roof for Winter

How to Prepare Your Commercial Roof for Winter

December 5, 2021

Preparation is the key to success when maintaining physical assets like buildings in life. The roof is an essential part of a building, and when protection for structure is necessary, you need to access a group of commercial roofing contractors to get the price and service. Commercial roofing companies specialize in many things, and preparing your roof for the onset of the winter is something they do with regularity.

You need to protect your commercial roofing system, and it starts with a simple inspection and cleaning to help identify current and future problems you can expect when your roof needs servicing. The best time to get your maintenance plan off the ground is in the spring and fall to position your facility for the onslaught of bad weather.

Preparing Your Commercial Roof to Withstand the Winter Weather

Clean Your Commercial Roof

Removing impediments that can hide problems is the first step to keeping your roof in excellent condition for the coming winter. Have the commercial roofer you hire clean the rooftop first when you have scheduled your maintenance inspection. Thorough cleaning eliminates problems like mold, moss growth, clogged drains and rot that can occur topside. Another problem that is little known is animal infestation. When it is cold, rodents will seek shelter, and this can lead to all sorts of problems when they attempt to burrow into a roofing system. Animal feces will undoubtedly create problems when left to decompose, and the harsh acidic elements of the feces will burn through any roofing system.

Deterring animals from nesting and living on roofs can be the best decision you make when winterizing your roofing system. Tips for animal control include removing material that can be used for nests, closing any openings that invite rodents into your facility, keeping food sources away from your building, keeping trees trimmed, and working to limit ponding. Trees are a constant source of problems, and broken branches can be the beginning of the end when they impact a roof and create holes and punctures.

Schedule Roof Inspections

Your fall roof inspection is mission-critical for proper care and maintenance of your roofing system. It is where the rubber meets the road, as all the problems you don’t know you have will be identified. Meeting the challenge to repair the issues now that will have a negative impact on your roof is why the inspection is so important. In the dead of winter, an emergency roof repair is costly, and inspection and small repair, not so much.

During the freeze-thaw cycle in the winter, small holes in your roof membrane become gaping openings that allow water to enter through, causing leaks inside your building. If your problems revolve around clogged drains, water can back up and freeze in the drains causing pipes to burst. Your roof inspection should include attention in the following areas: downspouts and gutters are checked to keep them clear, remove all clutter and debris from around the drainage pipes, make sure the flashing and seals are closed to the elements, make sure the membrane has no holes and no ponding, and keep the vents free of debris.

Repair Your Roof Before Winter

When you want to get out front of your roofing problems, repairs should be scheduled before the snow flies. There are many reasons you should, and here is a list of the biggest concerns you can face for winter roof repairs. Winter repairs create inconveniences for owners and users of the property. Snow causes safety issues, roofing materials require warming before they are installed, snow is a shield for hazards and risks on the roof that could be potentially dangerous. Changing weather conditions can exacerbate roofing problems – holes that cause leaks become enlarged, ponding issues become headaches, and drainage is restricted due to ice formations on the roof.

Have a Snow Removal Plan

Snow, like water, is a roof’s biggest enemy. The weight of the snow causes structural deficiencies, and hasty snow removal means you are creating bigger problems due to unforeseen damage that occurs during the removal process. Here are some tips for snow management on your roof: installing wind baffles to protect drainage systems and the installation of snow guards prevents drifting snow from accumulating on your flat roof.

Meet With Us at Integrity Roofers to Formulate Your Roof Winterization Plan

Commercial Roof for Winter If you don’t make investments in your roofing system, you will be subject to high repair costs – that is a given. When you make arrangements with our company, Integrity Roofers, we will take the worry and stress out of the equation. We recommend bi-annual inspections to keep your roof in great condition. To take advantage of any warranties that come with roofing materials – cleaning and inspections are part of the process if warranty claims are submitted. As part of detailed inspection and cleaning, we will remove debris, check flashing and capping and look at any products installed – like skylights or HVAC systems – to review the seals.

Our inspectors will develop a database of digital evidence to demonstrate where the problems are, and they recommend solutions for now and the future. Every roofing system is different, and our technicians will be able to identify the problems unique to your building. Please fill out our estimate form to clarify the costs for a thorough review and consultation for the roof’s winterization needs. To speak to a roofing expert about your winter roofing needs, call our office today at 647.953.9365 for more information.

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