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How to Find Roof Damage After Strong Wind?

How to Find Roof Damage After Strong Wind?

September 29, 2019

Commercial building owners face many challenges. Keeping the building up to standard in the face of the weather is the biggest challenge owners face. High winds are the cause of most roofing damage, and they come at a cost for the building owner. Roof consulting is a way to secure your building against current and future problems, and it takes little effort to engage a contractor. First and foremost, a little detective work is needed. Regular inspections of your roofing system should go hand in hand with any maintenance schedule you develop. The inspections hold increased prominence after a windstorm. Flying debris or tree branches that will impale a membrane roofing system create leaks that cause a roof leak repair. High winds will rip the flashing and siding from a building during a weather event that has wind as a component. Shingles aren’t immune to damage either. The wind will pick them up off the roof and discard them everywhere. If the splintered shingles end up in your drainage system, problems will start immediately. You can’t drain the roof if the downspouts are blocked. Siding repair and eavestrough repair are common after a significant weather event.

It pays to have a contractor at your disposal when these problems become prevalent. Once problems have been identified, you need to take corrective action to eliminate the problem to prevent long-term damage to your building.

Looking for problems

  • Water leaks, as mentioned, are a constant source of roof repairs, and they are easy to spot. Discoloured areas on the roof will be an indication of leaks. If a windstorm has recently blown through your area, get up on the roof to inspect the situation to find out what problems are waiting for you. If you are unsure what to look for, call a commercial roofing contractor immediately after the weather event to get a comprehensive picture of the problems.
  • When a windstorm blows through the Greater Toronto Area, it takes the flashing with it. If the wind is accompanied by heavy rain, tree branches can be a nemesis that will torment your roofing system. If you find split flashings on your roof, they will be at the stress points of the roof. The problem is commonly found at the edges or corners of a roof. Inserts like a skylight, an A/C unit or a chimney can be trouble spots also.
  • When the wind is wreaking havoc, the drainage system, the eavestrough, and gutters will pay the price. Regular gutter cleaning after a storm is highly recommended to keep the tracks free of debris. Once the drainage system is compromised, a slowing of water drainage creates a new set of problems. Eaves cleaning in Toronto will stop ice dams from forming and keep the water flowing to the downspouts to the ground. Once you have a clogged gutter, water will pour over the sides. In the winter that creates slippery areas around your building. Excess weight from the ice does damage to the fasteners. Once they are pushed away from the side of the building, you have water running down the sides.

What to do if your roof has wind damage

How to Find Roof Damage After Strong Wind? Debris that is catapulted to your roof will damage it, as will high winds. Once you detect problems, repairs demand immediate attention. If you procrastinate, roofing damage will become more extensive and more costly. You go from a simple roof repair to full-blown replacement, and the cost is measured in the thousands of dollars.

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