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Four Unusual Roofs that Show the Beauty of Design

Four Unusual Roofs that Show the Beauty of Design

November 25, 2013

In general, building designers have become a lot more concerned with the practicalities of a building, with energy and usage of space becoming more and more to the fore. This is an admirable concept and one that is necessary for the future. However, it is also good to know that some designers are still allowed to use their imaginations to give a property a wow factor. Using a roof design to supply that wow factor is a great way to, literally, top off a building. Here are some roofs that show how designers can use their imaginations to create beautiful or unusual structures.

The Hotel Marques de Riscal

Spain is at the forefront of design, and this hotel shows a beautiful and creative way to build a roof that continues the tradition. The design of its overlapping folds is reminiscent of the petals of some rare orchid or perhaps a piece of origami. Whatever you think it is reminiscent of, it is undoubtedly stunning to look at and shows the free spirit of the designer. Though difficult to construct, and not to everybody’s taste, this is a roof that deserves the praise it has been given.

Tongonan Houses

These houses show that unusual and beautiful roofs do not need to be designed by expensive modern designers, or the likes of Christopher Wren from the past. These houses are the homes of the Torajan people of Indonesia, and are steeped in tradition. The design of the roofs is reminiscent of boats, and may have been inspired by them as Indonesia is so influenced by the sea. However they were inspired, the houses are usually built by the family who will live in them and are constructed from local available materials, such as bamboo. These may not be modern creations, but they are certainly unique, beautiful designs that deserve to be mentioned.

Nanyang Technological University

The roof of this university building in Singapore is a great advert for green construction. The roof is a huge expanse of green grass that is used to insulate the building, and to supply water for self-irrigation. The roof is particularly apt as it is an art and design building, and the sweeping design is a great example to students how they can incorporate nature into any design ideas they may have. Nature meets technology in a beautiful roof.

The Flower Petals Roof

To appreciate this beautiful natural design it should really be seen from the air, but even under its natural canopy you can see its grace of design. The house below is a truly beautiful building, but even that comes from the roof design as the house follows the roof’s shape. Built from only natural local material, the house designer used the roof as the main idea and outline for the property, and was incredibly foresighted to do so. You can even rent this beautiful property situated in Rio de Janeiro, so perhaps one day you could experience its splendor for yourself.

I believe that these four roofs show how a roof really can set off a building and be its main component. The roof of any building is a necessary structure, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be boring; these 4 roofs prove that is true.

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