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Copper Roofing and Its Effect on Curb Appeal

Copper Roofing and Its Effect on Curb Appeal

February 10, 2017

There Are Many Reasons to Consider Copper Roofing or Features for Your Home

Homeowners looking to enhance the curb appeal of their property, and perhaps increase the value of their home, may instinctively consider such improvements as updating their doors and windows, re-landscaping the front yard, replacing the wooden garage door, or reconfiguring the steps leading to the main entrance. These are customarily the types of changes/modifications that can have an immediate visual impact on passersby and, even more importantly, on potential buyers.

It is reasonably fair to speculate that the eyes of any beholder are not instantly drawn to the roofing system of a home, unless that system has one or more exceptional features that make it stand above the crowd, in a manner of speaking; one such feature could be the choice of roofing material, specifically, a metal roof.

Metal roofing is certainly less common than the asphalt shingles used in the majority of residential construction. But metal roofing is gaining in popularity, not only for its added curb appeal but also for the following reasons:

  • Longer lifespan – over 40 years
  • Requires very minimal maintenance
  • More energy efficient – heat-reflective qualities
  • Resistant to drying out/cracking, buckling, chipping
  • Provides better fire protection versus asphalt shingles
  • Unaffected by insect infestation and mold/mildew growth

On the subject of enhancing curb appeal with a metal roof, more and more homeowners are considering copper as their metal of choice, not necessarily for full roof replacements but often for detailed roofing applications that can add elements of elegance and flair to their homes. Copper may be used for such roofing features as:

  • Cupolas or domes
  • Decorative dormers
  • Gutters, soffits, fascia
  • Parapet cladding or capping
  • Arches above doors/bay windows
  • Flashing around chimneys and skylights
  • Decorative caps or ends (known as finials)
  • Conductor boxes (used to collect rainwater)
  • Chimney saddles (used for diverting rainwater)

Investing in one or more of these copper roofing features will make any home stand out from the others in its neighbourhood in terms of both immediate curb appeal and long-term investment potential. Homeowners looking to boost the overall appearance of their property would be well-advised to consider the many benefits of copper roofing.

Supplemental Benefits Supporting Copper as a Leading Choice for Metal Roofing

Copper Weathercock As discussed above, there are several factors supporting the growing popularity of metal roofing; these qualities are applicable, in general, to a variety of metals such as:

  • Zinc
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Coated Steel (zinc and aluminum)

However, there are some qualities/properties specific to copper that might tip the scales in its favour with respect to metal roofing systems; these supplemental features and/or benefits of copper roofing would include:

  • Timeless appeal – copper has been used for centuries
  • Resistance to corrosion, staining, scratching, or peeling
  • Weathers naturally, ultimately developing a green patina
  • Environmentally-friendly compound – completely recyclable
  • Protection – offers very effective leak protection/waterproofing

In order to maximize any/all benefits associated with copper roofing, installation must be completed by skilled professionals with extensive metal roof experience; for residents of Toronto and the surrounding area, one such roofing contractor is Integrity Roofers.

Homeowners can rely on Integrity Roofers to deliver the level of knowledge, high-quality craftsmanship, and attention to detail required to work with copper as a roofing material, and to ensure a long-term return on such an investment in their home and property.

See our Copper Roofing page to learn more about the copper roofing services offered by the metal roof experts at Integrity Roofers.

For the installation of copper roofing or the integration of copper features in your roofing system, Call the metal roofing specialists at Integrity Roofers today at 416-639-0779 or Contact us to obtain a free quote.

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