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Roofing Contractors in Mississauga Mississauga is another wonderful Canadian city in Ontario and sits on the banks of Lake Ontario. In the Municipality of Peel, Mississauga is the largest city in the area, and roofing contractors in Mississauga are kept busy with roof repair in Mississauga. Roofers in Mississauga take on all kinds of different projects in the city with the sixth largest population in Canada. Roofing contractors in Mississauga are kept busy keeping up with the work, and we at Integrity Roofers lead the charge in roofing in Mississauga. In the late 20th century, Mississauga’s growth exploded, attracting a multicultural population that established businesses and bought buildings, fueling community growth. In the area, Malton hosts Lester B. Pearson International Airport, and many multinational corporations call Peel home. Many of the suburbs are named after the villages that preceded them and were large population centres before the explosion of Peel’s growth.

Commercial Roofing in Mississauga

Flat roofs

When you need commercial roofing work – be it a repair of a complete installation – consult our team of experts at Integrity Roofers. Replacing an outdated or expired roof or simple repairs to a current roofing system to extend the roof’s life are a couple of ways we can help you. When you need a roofing contractor, it is too late; having one available, will keep your building in excellent condition.

Slate roofs

What roofing system ages better than a slate roof?

The answer is no other roofing system performs as well as a slate roof. It won’t burn in the event of a fire, has longevity (a century worth of life), and isn’t a host for algae or insects. Slate has been used for over 500 years as a roofing material, and it is resilient.

Shingle roofs

Singles roofing systems have economy built-in; they are the most budget-friendly roofing system on the market. Shingle roofs are easy to maintain and repair – remove a few shingles and replace them is a standard repair for this excellent roofing system. When a new shingle roof becomes a must, the price isn’t a deal-breaker. When you bring our company in, we at Integrity Roofers, will document any problems we find and present them with a plan to correct them. A labour warranty and a materials warranty are part of the services we offer, and we would like to explain the materials warranty. It comes in two different types, pro-rated and non-prorated. A prorated warranty holds coverage for everything over a specific time, while non-prorated covers some areas, but it comes with conditions that must be met.

Siding installations

When you contact us at Integrity Roofers, we want you to know that we can glamourize the exterior of your building with a simple upgrade. Installing siding makes the home looked refreshed, and it comes with other benefits. Curb appeal is the first benefit, and siding reduces energy consumption when wrapped around your home. The vinyl siding acts as an extra layer of skin and seals any gaps or openings that allow heat loss. Siding comes in many styles that you can blend into your home’s décor, and the colours available will allow you to choose from an extensive colour palette.

Skylight installations

Another excellent upgrade for any business, a new skylight, will improve any homeowner and their family’s quality of life. Skylights bring the natural light to you, and they surpass vertical windows by a wide margin. Skylights can be custom design pieces to accent your home, and we, at Integrity Roofers, have a large selection of styles to accommodate your tastes.

Gutters soffit and fascia

Working in tandem with your roof is the gutters, fascia, and soffit. Each has an important job, and the work they do is vital to the health of your roof. The gutters take invasive water from the roof to the ground, the soffit is the air return for your attic, and the fascia closes the gap between the roof edge and ledge of the wall. It is essential to maintain these three systems, and at Integrity Roofers, we offer a maintenance plan to keep them working well over time. It would be best to clean your gutters twice a year, and we can perform the service when required. While we are at it, we will look for imperfections and potential problems that can come up throughout gutter’s life, and correct them.

Roof Repair and Replacements in Mississauga

Shingle damage and leaks

Your shingles are the first line of defense that you home has against the climate and weather. In the summer, UV rays swell shingles; in the winter, the shingles contract during freezing temperatures. As the wear and tear on the shingles ages the roofing system, repairs or a replacement of the roof will be in order. You can get an idea if you need roofing work through a simple inspection twice a year, looking for defects. When you see shingles that have curled corners, cracks to shingles, or buckling, you should know that you need our help at Integrity Roofers. Roofing problems come with roofing solutions, and we have many different types of shingles available. From cedar shakes to slate, asphalt, and composite, we have them all to create a happy ending for your leaky roof.

Gutters soffit and fascia

Mold and mildew will grow in a damp moist environment, and that is a problem when your soffit is blocked with debris. Your gutters need to be observed from time to time to make sure they are moving water. When you see watermarks on the side of your home, you know that your gutters are failing. When inspecting the attic, you shouldn’t see daylight shining in; if you do, the fascia is breached and needs to be replaced. Neglecting these three roofing system elements will lead to major repairs that cost thousands of dollars, don’t let this happen to your roof.

Flat membranes

Commercial and industrial concerns have flat roofs that are covered by roof membranes. It is a sizeable tarp-like cover that protects the roof from the weather and climate. Ponding is the biggest problem that can occur on a flat roof; once water sits, it will look for an entry point. If you have debris in the roof, water won’t make it to the drainage spouts, and in the winter, it freezes. Once water freezes, cracks can be established in the membrane, and water will run into your facility. In the summer, as UV rays beat down on the roof, the membrane will shrink and cease to cover the roof entirely. The wind is another enemy of a flat roofing system; once a small corner is lifted, it is only a matter of time before the membrane is at risk of significant damage. Another documented problem for a membrane roof is buckling. It can occur as the building settles, and the membrane is pulled away from its anchors leaving open areas for water to enter.

Snow and ice dam removal

To protect your roof, you need a competent roofing contractor who knows what needs to be done in all four seasons. At Integrity Roofers, we offer a snow removal service to help protect your roof from the snow. Your roof, sturdy as it is, will not support the weight of heavy snow, and it is why we suggest that it is removed periodically. On the other hand, ice dams are caused by heat leaks through your roof in the winter. The leaks melt snow, and it washes down to the gutters. As the temperature drops, the water freezes as it cold and ice if formed at the gutters. The ice will create a force that destabilizes the gutters from the side of the house. If you detect ice dams, call us at Integrity Roofers, and will work to remove them to prevent further damage to your home.

Attic sealing and weatherizing

We don’t want to watch our precious dollars go up in smoke, but when you don’t air seal and weatherize your attic, that is what you are doing. Allowing airflow means that warm air will rise through any portal available, and it leaves your building through gaps or bleeds out through the attic. Enclosing your home should be the first thing you think about in the fall. It will provide a constant, regulated temperature, reduce the stress and strain on your HVAC unit. In turn, it reduces utility costs associated with heating and cooling your home. Warm air in the attic will cause problems related to the structure of the roof. Joists, decking, and rafters are susceptible to warm, moist air, and if they don’t get completely dry, wood rot will result. You can see the problem from the outside of your home when the main support beam is sagging or bowed.

Attic insulation and ventilation

If you don’t have attic insulation, you are paying two prices. The first one is the extra dollars you spend heating and cooling your home, and the second is the damage you will pay for the roof’s shingles. Heating and cooling loss accounts for 20 percent of your utility bills. A lack of ventilation will create a steamy attic where moist air will impact wooden supports. A spongy rafter is the result of a lack of air return, and the soffit isn’t performing well at all. Long-term implications for this situation are problems for the HVAC unit. An overworked system will have a reduced life expectancy and result in a replacement. When you look at insulation, you can choose from spray foam, cellulose, or blow-in fibreglass. Each has uses that overlap, but in some cases have a unique function. Spray foam applied in your attic will close all gaps that radiate heat. Cellulose is excellent when installed in walls and floors to keep heat in, and fibreglass is just what the attic needs to keep heat from escaping. Contracting us at Integrity Roofers to add new insulation is the best course of action when prevention is the goal. We will remove your old insulation before installing new insulation in the attic as a matter of course. When you conduct an attic inspection, look for the following things: debris, foul odours produced by mold and mildew, and animal droppings. These signs will tell you that you need a roofing contractor right away to prevent the problems from escalating.

Insects and animals

Pests will be a problem for any building owner. It is what you do when you discover them that determine the fate of your building. To keep the pests at bay, purchase a roofing maintenance plan from us at Integrity Roofers that will come with an inspection to detect unwanted visitors. Any opening is an invitation for pests to enter and cause mayhem in your home.

Mississauga Diagnostic Services

Roof inspections

We have spoken about the need to inspect your roof – and it isn’t something to be taken for granted. A twice-yearly roof inspection should be on your calendar – in the early fall and the early spring. There are many areas where problems can start, look at the flashing, around the chimney, and check the shingles’ condition. More than a cursory glance needs to be paid to the gutters, fascia, and soffit, and check the walls to see if water trails are going down the building. Any hint of damage is a cautionary note that needs to be addressed with a qualified roofing contractor like us at Integrity Roofers.

Consulting and assessments

We hire professionals to handle the work we can’t do ourselves; that is why you need Integrity Roofers to help with direction for roofing repairs. A roof is a system with complex interactions that a skilled contractor knows how to manipulate to create positive outcomes. Hiring us at Integrity Roofers will see an exhaustive review of your current system to determine faults and flaws and ways to correct them before they become a severe problem.

Infrared thermal imaging

It is one thing to think you have heat leaks on the roof; it is another to see them. At Integrity Roofers, we scan your roof with an infrared camera to find the heat leaks, and then we can address them in the localized area where they originate.

Integrity Roofers, Mississauga’s only choice

Quality workmanship, years of experience, and expertise above and beyond expectations is what you get when hiring Integrity Roofers to solve your problems. We have worked across the Greater Toronto Area for two decades, and we are the top-shelf of roofing company in the entire area. We invite any business owner to contact us for an assessment and professional estimate to correct their roofing problems when calling us at Integrity Roofers today at 416.736.7373.


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