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Busting Common Myths About Metal & Copper Roofing

Busting Common Myths About Metal & Copper Roofing

November 27, 2019

Copper roofing has gotten a bad rap in the past due to popular misconceptions as a solution for a commercial metal roofing solution. As a material, copper is the preferred choice industry-wide as an excellent alternative to other surfaces that can be applied to a roof. Yet, building owners and operators continue to be skeptical about copper roofs, and the misgivings need to be overcome to remove doubt in copper’s ability to do the job. When you evaluate copper as a material for your roofing system, you need to understand that it is the only roofing system that improves with age.

Contrary to other roofing materials that degrade over time, copper develops a coating that will create a shield for your building. The enhanced performance that a copper roof provides is unsurpassed in the industry, and it has become an outstanding choice based on the durability it provides.

Copper is one of the oldest metals in history and is seen on many buildings that date back to the early 1500s. A copper roof will outlive the occupants of a home or building where it is installed.   A copper roof will last over 100-years, and a once in a century investment that is an excellent return on your investment.

Popular myths about copper roofing systems for commercial building

  • Style and colour options are limited
    Copper roofing in Toronto has a large selection of styles and colours that can be purchased. The choices are comparable to other roofing systems, and a copper roof provides aesthetic values that aren’t present in different roofing systems. Whatever the design of your building, or colour pattern of the exterior, you can find a copper roof to complement your building
  • It’s not energy efficient
    Operating a large commercial building will require a great deal of energy to provide an environment that comfortable for the tenants who are using the building. When you hire a contractor for copper work in Toronto, be aware that the metal surface you are installing is energy efficient. A metal roof will reflect UV rays that are the source of heat transfer into your building. A copper roof will reduce your heating and cooling costs, and that will increase your ability to control your energy use.
  • It won’t perform well in extreme conditions
    An essential aspect of a roof is to keep the elements at bay to create a climate-controlled environment. The performance of a copper roof provides by far exceeds any other roofing system on the market. In areas that see high winds, heavy snowstorms, or frequent rainstorms, copper is an excellent choice for building. It withstands weather events and protects your building’s exterior from damage caused by inclement weather.
  • It is not as sustainable as other materials
    The carbon footprint of any commercial building will be outsized in comparison to a residential home. A copper roof is an excellent choice when you take proactive steps to reduce the size of your footprint. Over 75-percent of all copper that has been extracted has been recycled. Copper is the most widely recycled metal on the planet, and you can’t make a better choice when you install an environmentally friendly material like copper.
  • It will be noisy
    Many metal roofs are noisy, but a copper roof is not. Copper is a soft metal, and when hailstones or rain contact it, won’t reverberate like a symbol. A copper roof is installed over substrates with underlays that will deaden sound when impacted by the weather. A copper roofing system is no louder than any other type of roofing system in the rain.
  • Metal roofs cost too much
    Buying a roofing system is an expensive proposition. As a barometer, the price should be directly proportionate to performance. A copper roof will last decades, and the price should be viewed as an investment. It isn’t about the price, but the purpose that the roofing system will serve. Durability, longevity, and performance are the calling cards of a copper roof that make it a great choice over other roofing systems.
  • Metal roofs are easily dented
    Any metal roof will be dented if a large hailstone hits the surface. While it is true that copper is a softer metal, it is resilient and will withstand a hailstorm as well or better than other metal roofing systems.

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