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A Guide to Skylight Repair in Toronto

A Guide to Skylight Repair in Toronto

June 5, 2023

Skylights let the sunshine in, and that is a dose of natural vitamin D that adds to positive mood enhancement that we can all use. When you have a leaking skylight, you need a skylight repair in Toronto provided by a skylight contractor with a wealth of experience in the field of repairs. Only sometimes will a skylight repair near me solve your skylight problems; you may need to replace the skylight with a skylight installation if the skylight is beginning to show its age. A number of things can cause deficiencies in your skylight. Remember that your skylight sits on the roof and is exposed 24/7 to extreme temperatures, severe weather, UV rays, high winds, and changing seasons. Don’t let skylight problems incapacitate your decision-making; know that a poorly functioning skylight can lead to more significant issues for your roofing system. Invasive water can wreak havoc on a roofing system from mould, insulation damage, and higher than normal energy bills; a faulty skylight needs loving care immediately to preserve its benefits. In this article, we at Integrity Roofers will provide some helpful tips on the causes of skylight problems and a roadmap on what to do when you see problems.

Possible Causes of Skylight Problems

Roof Flashing

Damage and corrosion are the common elements for flashing failure and must be addressed immediately when detected. To prevent leaks, you require a professional to administer the necessary solutions, like re-flashing the skylight to stop the leaks.

Poor Installation

Improper skylight installation defaults to unqualified installers who don’t seal the skylight properly, leading to leaks. You can’t stop the snow from melting or the rain from falling, so call a qualified roofing contractor to plug the leaks once and for all.

Excess Daylight

Excessive daylight can cause UV radiation that, in turn, can cause heat damage if you don’t have ventilation to protect your roof. Regular inspections and skylight cleaning will address the problem to keep your skylight functioning optimally.

Ice Dams

Improperly sealed skylights create ice dams, and heat leaking out of the poorly sealed skylight melts snow that refreezes; also, snow that sits on top of the skylight will melt and refreeze when the water hits colder patches of the roof. You need to check the seals to ensure they are in good working order to prevent the dams from developing.

Melting Snow

Melting snow is water in another state and can be as invasive as rainwater. To keep the problem at bay, reseal the skylight and repair any m, moisture damage you have experienced before a host of problems are presented.


Condensation on the glass will cause moisture damage to the frame of your skylight. If you have moisture problems, call a local roofing contractor to find the source of the condensation and repair the damage the moisture has wrought.

Damaged Roof Cement

Roofing cement is a common element used in roofing work. In the summer, the heat from the sun can cause it to shrink or shrivel, leaving openings for water to leak in. When that happens, you need a roofing contractor to rectify the situation via a repair to keep the water out.

Tips to Repair Skylights

Identify Leaks

If you are looking for skylight leaks, ensure the skylight is closed and the seals are sound. If you detected a leak after this precaution, the leak might be coming from another roof area. Another detail to consider is the debris on the roof. If branches or leaves impede the natural flow of water, it can cause pooling that starts leaks – removing the crude is the solution here.

Check the Quality of Your Glass

When the insulation of the glass frame for your skylight fails, you will have leaks. Opaqueness and or condensation will be the clues you are looking for that might demand a complete skylight replacement should these signs be prevalent. If it is just the seal that has been breached, a reseal or replacement glass be the solution for a repair.

Ensure the Flashing is Sturdy

We mentioned the importance of the flashing previously, and the skirt that the metal sheaf provides should fit your roof like a glove to prevent leaks. Should you seek to repair a flashing failure, you can purchase a flashing repair kit and roof cement for a temporary fix. Still, you need a contractor’s expertise to complete the repair to add permanence to the situation.

Hire a Professional

Suppose you need help with the skylight; call an expert. You wouldn’t let your Skip the Dishes guy repair your car, would you? A roofing contractor with the qualifications that span skylight repair and installation will serve your interests best rather than calling a handyman who might be a Jack of All Trades but a Master of None.

3 Reasons to Repair or Install Skylight in Summer

The Weather is Perfect

Roofing in good weather is more than a requirement; it is a necessity. Outside of emergency service that creates a temporary solution, no industry is at the mercy of the weather than roofing. Repairs or installation will be done by roofing companies when the weather permits, and there is no other way around that fact.

You Can Get the Job Done Faster

In life, preparation is the key, like a skylight repair or installation. Depending on the roof style, you may only inconvenience with a hole in your roof for a matter of hours or a day at the most. Summer offers the opportunity for your home renovation project to be done quickly and efficiently – that saves money in the long run – and gives you a chance to enjoy the summer sunlight once the work is done.

You Can Pair Installation with Other Roofing Services

If you have a roof maintenance plan that comes with biannual inspections, any damage detected upon inspection can be addressed when your skylight is serviced, killing two birds with one stone. Skylight repairs may solve leaks around your skylight, but what about other leaks that may be the scourge of your roofing system? Addressing all the problems in one fell swoop keeps your roofing system working as it should and water on the outside of your home.

Skylight Repair, Replacement or Installation, Get it from Us at Integrity Roofers.

Skylight Repair, Replacement or Installation in Toronto At Integrity Roofers, we are your residential and commercial skylight repair and installation company. We will provide seamless service from start to finish for any installation project we are charged to perform. If you need custom flashing, we can accommodate that; opening the hole in your roof to install your skylight is part of an array of superior services we offer. Should your commercial project be a significant one that might require the services of a commercial crane or a hoist to get your skylight to the roof for installation, we have you covered. Contact us for a consultation to address your needs and concerns surrounding a skylight repair or a new installation.

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