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3 Ways Your Roof Can Help You Save Money or Add Value to Your Home

3 Ways Your Roof Can Help You Save Money or Add Value to Your Home

June 15, 2016

Even though your roof is your houses crowning glory, it is strange how it is completely forgotten about unless something goes wrong with it. This started me thinking about how useful your roof actually is to your home; apart from keeping the elements out that is. Here I have listed some ways that people can use their roof to add value their homes and save money.

Loft Conversion

I suppose this is the most obvious way in which we convert a roof to improve our homes, but not all of the options seem obvious at first. Sometimes with very little alteration a roof can be remodelled to allow the use of your attic space as an extra living area, but it is possible to do much more than this. Obviously sky lights can be fitted to allow air and light to enter your new space, but how many people think to actually completely raise the roof? Doing this gives an amazing amount of extra square footage, and is perfect for properties that want to keep their original design. Though the cost compared to knocking down and completely rebuilding is sometimes comparable, if your property has any history or features you want to retain this is a perfect way to increase size and value.

Solar Panels

Building solar panels into your roofing structure is a great idea for several reasons, not least of which is the eventual saving you will make on your fuel bills. After the initial installation of your solar panels you will start to save money immediately, and dependent upon how many panels you have and how much electricity you use, you can recoup the cost of the panels in less than 5 years. Though people will give much higher estimates than this, it is because of the many variables involved, including roof space. However, with a bit of research it is possible to source all the parts you need and have them fitted by professional roofer, and this is where the greatest savings can be made. You will be helping yourself and the environment, and can truly classify yourself as a green home owner.


Most homes will have some kind of insulation in the loft space, but you can also insulate your roof to add a further saving of heat loss in your home. Some people take this even further and insulate the outside of their roof with grass. I think this is a great option, and it is even possible for those with flat roofs or a slight pitch to have a vegetable garden. This is actually my favourite use of a roof because it shows the adaptability of it like no other use. Something that is good for the owner, the environment, and promotes health eating, must be a winner all round.

As you can see, the humble roof really can help you, your home, and the environment. With a little bit of foresight and a good tradesman, your roof could be saving you money and increasing the value of your home within weeks. Perhaps you need to take another look at your roof.

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