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10 Signs that Your Attic is Poorly Insulated

10 Signs that Your Attic is Poorly Insulated

December 17, 2018

While there is a general awareness about the space that exists between the underside of the roof and the ceiling of the upper floor, it is possible that many homeowners have never opened the access panel to their attic, increasing the likelihood of them being unaware of the condition of their attic insulation. When you have a poorly insulated attic, it may lead to severe and expensive roofing problems. To help you become more aware, we have outlined a few clear signs of a poorly insulated attic.

10 Signs of Poor Attic Insulation in Your Home

  1. Water Leaks

    Improper insulation can let water into your home, leading to leakage issues. Water tends to slip through the cracks in the attic insulation, causing water damage to your interior walls and ceiling. To prevent this, you must call professionals who provide attic insulation services.

  2. Ice Damming

    Ice dams are blocks or ridges of ice formed as a result of the continuous melting and freezing of snow. They are one of the most common signs that indicate something is wrong with the insulation. They tend to block water and snow, not allowing them to drain properly.

  3. Pest Problems

    If you find pests such as bugs and mice in your home, know that there may be something wrong with the insulation. You may find holes in it where these pests can burrow. To avoid such issues, you must increase the volume of your attic insulation.

  4. Cold Drafts

    If you feel chilly drafts in your home, in addition to inside the attic, you should also have your windows and doors insulated adequately. It will help you make your house less drafty.

  5. Moisture and Mould in the Attic

    Moisture in your home encourages the growth of mould and fungi. If you find dampness or mildew in your attic, know that it is time to invest in attic insulation services to set your roof up for optimal performance.

  6. The Heater and AC are in Overdrive

    Proper insulation helps to balance the temperature inside your house without which your heater and air conditioning unit are required to over-compensate.

  7. High Energy Bills

    If your ventilation system is not set up correctly, or if there are gaps in the insulation, heat won’t be able to escape, allowing the exterior temperature to affect the interiors. If you notice that your energy costs are higher than usual, it is wise to get the insulation inspected by a professional roofing company.

  8. Cold Rooms, Walls, and Floors

    If you find that a few of the rooms in your house are colder than the others, or if the ceiling and interior walls are cool when you touch them, it is a sign of improper insulation.

  9. Inconsistent Temperature

    When you find that the interior temperature keeps fluctuating, and some of the rooms are inexplicably hotter or colder than others no matter what you do, it is likely that your insulation isn’t doing its job.

  10. Frozen Pipes

    Frozen pipes in your walls are also a common indicator that you have an insulation problem. With the outside temperature declining, these pipes can burst, leading to an expensive repair job.

Make Your Home Winter-Ready with Our Attic Insulation Services

Toronto Attic Insulation Services If you are concerned about the fact that your cooling and heating systems seem to be continuously running, and that your utility bills seem to be increasing, your attic insulation may not be performing adequately.

At Integrity Roofers, we have experienced and skilled professionals who can help you prevent these problems, and help you understand how to tell if your house is well insulated. For more details about our attic insulation services, call our roofing specialists today at 416-736-7373. You could also contact us online to book a roof and attic inspection at your convenience.

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